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Thread: Who have you told about your IC ?

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    Default Who have you told about your IC ?

    I have told my mom and a few of my friends they all wear supportive of me.

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    My mom sister and brothers know but no one else. Lets not forget the Dr.

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    I keep this on a strict need to know basis.

    and the need is rare.

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    I think it ought to be on a "need to know" basis. I mean it is a medical condition; who goes around telling everyone about their private medical matters?

    "Yeah, so, I'll have a double foam vanilla latte, and a cinnamon scone, and oh yeah, my ovaries are acting up again."

    I mean, come on. We tell only those who have to know for whatever reason we feel they have to know. Now, the real question here is: what are our reasons for feeling this need? Is it important, in any real way, to tell one's boss? Maybe it is, if you work in a job where a break to assure the prevention of leaks might create problems. Maybe not in some other circumstances. Do you tell members of your family, and which ones? It probably depends (no pun intended) on which ones would likely be in positions to be affected by the lack of this information.

    In my case:

    I have not told anyone at work, nor do I intend to. If I do, however, I foresee no issues. My only concern this year is the knowledge that I have four straight periods without any significant break in the morning--a long time in one diaper, even an M4. I don't really trust the passing period as time enough for a change. So we'll see how that works out. Last year it would not have been an issue; I would have simply left my supervisory for a few minutes and no one would have cared. This year, though, we have all new leadership. I don't want to do that.

    As to family: I told my husband right away, of course. And since we were going to Europe together, I told my daughters. Then, since otherwise he'd be the only kid left not knowing and that was just silly, I told my son, which made my life a lot easier, since he lives with me and that makes diaper disposal much simpler.

    When we stayed with a friend in Norway, I told her, since we'd be using her wastebaskets and these suckers--as you know--are large and rather noticeable. (Hmm..."suckers" pun intended there either.)

    And of course I told my doctor and urologist...and you guys.

    If I end up staying with someone for longer than a night, I suppose by the same logic as my friend in Norway I will decide to tell that person. That would be when I tell my mother. I'll cross that bridge...probably at Christmas.

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    I agree with ickg. Need to know! My dr, my wife, we're the first and only ones to know for a long time. Even kept it from them for quite a while. It's not really something that you can take back once you put it out there.

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    I also agree with ICKG. It's strictly on a need to know basis for me: physicians who care for me, spouse, grown children, a few work colleagues with whom I have had to share hotel accommodation on business trips.

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    i have only told a few very close friends..... (smile...)

    but then, that includes nearly every trans-person in the tacoma area who attends the GASS meetings (gender association of the south sound) at one times or another.... but then that's just me. i am sort-of out with my sisters....

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    It's "need to know" only for me too. My partner, obviously. My doctors. My boss (who I told so that I could get access to the disabled bathroom). Two friends, whose house I stayed at for a week. And my mum, who didn't really need to know but I can talk to her about just about anything.

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