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Thread: Greetings from Northern California

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    Red face Greetings from Northern California

    Hi Everyone-

    I've enjoyed a lifetime of diapers, was a chronic bedwetter using cloth diapers and plastic pants. Around the age of 11 I discovered the release of my sexual urges in a thick curity diaper. I think that was the beginning of my love of diapers. My bladder problems continued and progressed to daytime urgency and dribbling. Dribling progressed to leaking and later, bladder surgery. I wore pads for security at work or other day activities. Then came a Prostatectomy, resulting in my total incontinence. My diapers are no longer a secret for those that need to know. Hope to interact and meet others on the forums.

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    Welcome to the forums, incon50.

    Well you've met two already, and there are still hundreds more (I may be exaggerating so don't quote me on that!)

    Just post around and keep active and you'll be sure to enjoy yourself here.

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    Welcome Incon50 Glad you are hear and you can share life experiences with us.

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    Hello, friend. Welcome to ADISC, and I hope you enjoy your stay here

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    Sorry for your bad luck with your bladder.

    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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