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Thread: I don't know what my dream ment

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    Default I don't know what my dream ment

    Ok so I had this dream about my sister found out and almost all of my family.
    She was ok about it and even full out babied me in front of everybody and I mean the works. It wasn't a humillation or sexual dream it was just if I was an
    actual baby but the size and age I am now.

    I would like to know what other people think of my dream and has anyone else had a dream like this one?

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Sounds like a wish fulfillment dream to me. Perhaps it also suggests that you might trust your sister more than the rest of your family?

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    I'm not much for dream interpretation, but I would say that dreams aren't always much to get prophetic about - however, that dream does stand out a fair bit (for its content and how it might stand out from others one might have - it must be significant for you, since you've posted about it :P !)

    Quite often, dreams take in what we've seen around us, so I wouldn't be surprised if either this theme has crossed your mind before, or you may have come across some ABDL literature/media along the same lines. However, don't take my word for it, because our brains are very good at surprising everybody (not least, their owners)

    I once had a dream where I was wrestling people from my Cadets group (which was odd, since I dropped out due to school reasons months before, and I don't wrestle <period>), and we were all in nappies (apparently, the object of the game was to play-wrestle until either party would wet themselves...THAT was random). I haven't actually had dreams of being babied, which is surprising, since the subject does cross my mind occasionally

    A very interesting dream you've had, then

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    First I think you and your Sister love each other very much.

    I think this something that would like to tell her but not sure how to.

    I guess that your Sister is older than you.

    It really is a common dream for those who wish things to happen.

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    I don't think dreams mean anything in and of themselves. They're more likely just memory clean-up and random thoughts. However, I think it might be fair to say that you're predisposed to dream about things that matter to you or are on some part of your mind. I wouldn't read too much into it.

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    I've been very in touch with my dreams. All of mine have been color. I remember 80% of them or so, and of those, I'd say half are lucid dreams where I have free action. I've had "true dreams" where I've gone to other realms and communed with friends of mine who have passed on as well as ancestors, and I've also dreamed of my past lives.

    I definitely believe dreams mean something, they just may not mean what you think st first. Some could be memories resurfacing, some could be screenshots of alternate universes in which the evens you see actually happen there. Or it could be, as someone said, a clear dream of your deepest wishes. Dreams are fun to chronicle and explore. Keep a notebook or a tablet neat your bed, write down/type out everything you remember about your dream when you wake. You'll get better at lucid dreaming and recalling dreams the more you do it.

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    I rarely remember my dreams even as I am waking up. Those that I do remember when I wake up, I forgot soon after. So...have I had a dream like this? I have no idea. However, I have fantasized about it every once in a while.

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