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Thread: Straight Girls with Mommies?

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    Default Straight Girls with Mommies?

    So I've been fantasizing lately that if I had my choice of a mommy or daddy, that I might prefer a mommy for non-sexual roleplay, even though I'm straight. I mean if I was in a relationship with a guy who would play daddy that would be fine, but if not I'd want another female. Does anyone else prefer a same-sex caregiver even though they're straight?

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    I've thought of this, too. (Though I could never call myself 'straight' haha. Ive had non-abdl relationships with guys, gals, trans and other. So.)

    There is a huge intensity for me with men. It's a very serious THING for me, and I don't think it will ever go away. I do not have that intensity with women. I've never met a woman I could submit to or could allow to be my 'mommy'. The idea makes me very edgy and uncomfortable and very, very Big.

    But there is one -- just one -- distinctly female person/archetype I can see myself happily being a little-girl to.

    This lady, Zhaan, from Farscape:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you're not familiar with the show, here's two quotes that fairly well sum up her personality... something of a graceful, gentle warrior-priestess.

    "Sensitive D'Argo, exuberant Chiana, wise Rygel, selfless Aeryn, innocent Crichton, my children, my teachers, my loves, there is no blame, only what is meant to be. Grow through your mistakes and know, if patient, redemption will find you."


    "My dear, I've kicked more arse than you've sat on."

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    While I don't Ident as Heterosexual nor Female 100% of the time - being Biologically Female, I'd like to chime in with my

    I'd prefer a Mommy, because from what I've seen it's less of a sexual thing with women who are caretakers.

    However, on the same token - I want to feel safe and surrounded in strong cuddles that can protect (or carry without difficulty) which typically tends to fit Daddies better - just by physical design.

    I'm personally sitting on the fence of the orphanage, so to speak.

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    I couldn't do same sex caregiver, and none of my fantasies involve a sexual component (other than the preferred caretaker being a SO, but Little and Big are completely separate.) I think that has more to do with my relationship with my dad being completely big than anything else however. Even when I was little it was always activities like fishing. Hell, we haven't even played games since I started being able to beat him at them (which is weird as most of our families interactions are over games.)

    TLDR: No, but I don't think it's sexual in origin.

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    I prefer an opposite sex caregiver when I am the little, but if I were to switch roles, this may sound weird but I would love to play the role of a mother or female part. That may be too awkward but I think it would be fun espescially if I had a same sex roleplayer (I.E. female when I am the mommy). I do like the idea of a daddy that is really strong and manly who will take care of me, but because I am straight I like opposite sex preferably, but I would still LOVE to be a girl's mommy. Lol.

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    Most kids are taken care of more by mom than dad...

    Now, I'm straight, and male...and I prefer a mom...

    Not for sex, but when I was a kid my mom was there, and dad was off working...

    Now, I didn't have a great childhood, and it was odd in some sence...but dad was more r less absent.

    I think most people I know both male and female identify mom with caretaker and non dad...


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    I personally couldn't have a daddy as a straight male; probably because my interest in diapers is primarily sexual. If an individual wears diapers just for comfort and nothing sexual, than having a same sex mommy/daddy would make sense. After all, maybe an opposite sex mommy/daddy would be too sexual if you're not into diapers for sexual purposes.

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    Honestly, I am not entirely comfortable with the concept of a mommy or daddy simply because I feel like somehow it might be an attempt to replace my real ones in that sense. (I realize that might not make a lot of sense, but I have not delved much further into the topic myself in order to explain further). That said, I do have a "big brother". Both he and I are straight, but I feel more comfortable with the idea of a big brother than a big sister. I think it might be because I can relate more to a big brother, but honestly I have wanted a brother since I was physically a kid, so yeah haha.

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