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    Good morning, all! *waves*

    So, here's what happened. I picked up baby shampoo, lotion, and cornstarch powder, on my last shopping trip. Unfortunately, these were "revamped" J&J products. When I got home and opened them, I discovered that they smelled awful. In fact, I threw them all away, because they smelled so bad. Like chemicals...fake fragrances, maybe. Just awful! Have you guys found the same to be true of the newer products?

    By "revamped", I mean, the shampoo was a 2in1 (shampoo + conditioner), the powder was supposed to smell like magnolia, and the lotion was some sort of shea butter thing. The smells were totally different than the old fashion J&J products that I remember from childhood.

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    I feel your pain.

    In denmark we haven't been able to buy the original scent J&J powder in probably 10 years or more. The stuff we get kind of smells like bubble gum... Horrible.

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    Where I live you can still buy any scent, the original or vanilla shea butter I think...and I've never even seen 2 in 1 J&J shampoo/conditioner.

    Maybe try WalMart or a cheap dollar store, like Family Dollar or Fred's or Dollar General.

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    I will have a look at the local WalMart. In truth, I blame myself. I thought the newer stuff would be better. I didn't expect it to have such a strong, chemical smell. I mean, who wants to slather that sort of thing onto a baby? so gross. Not blaming J&J, really. Lots of bath and body products seem to smell different than I remember, from childhood.
    Old fashion, lightly scented, products, FTW! Oh! That reminds me...I luvs me some 'Dreft', laundry detergent. It's my all-time favorite. But, it's a lil' too spendy for my wallet. So, on my last shopping trip, I picked up a baby detergent made by 'Purex'. It's really quite lovely and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a lightly scented, detergent.
    *hugs both those babies who posted and hands BabyFox some good smelling Powder*

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    Beware of dollar stores and such, sometimes they get fake products and copy of them, you never know what is inside exactly, I wouldn't touch this, its crazy what they can put in that to make it look like the product and smell like it, but in real, it can even be irradiated and poisonous for the skin...

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