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Thread: A great deal but the wrong size!

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    Default A great deal but the wrong size!

    Just taken delivery of a three case of Tena Slip Maxis - not bad at less than 50 for 66 diapers - and my favourite.
    However I pressed the wrong button on the shop site and have Large rather than the normal Medium for my 34 inch waist. I am test wearing and just pulled the tapes tight to closer to the centre. Does anyone else have experience of successfully using Large when they usually have Medium, or am I likely to be experiencing a leak anytime soon!
    I suspect I have wasted 50 and acquired three large parcels to safely store away somewhere.

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    With a 34" waist you'll be swimming in them and probably leaking. I've worn the large one's as well with a 40" waist and for me have been okay. I'm in the wrong country to take them off your hands.

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    Long while ago my old supplier mixed up my usual mediums for large.
    it was a bit uncomfortable as they were going up to high and the fit was a bit "awkward".
    also they did never work as well as the properly sized ones.
    But with a bit of practice in taping I managed to get them to fit "OK"... at least until the replacement batch arrived.

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    i've done something similar in the past...was buying depends at cvs and never looked at the size. i just wanted to get it over with, and get out of there.
    i ended up wearing 2+ at a time to help them fit better.
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    I once got large Tena Maxis by mistake. Trying to tape them on was hopeless. In the end I just cut off all the side panels and tapes and wore them as pads inside a pair of pants.

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    Wrong country to help you...
    I wear a large in that line but even for me with a 42" waist, I sometimes find the fit with the larges a little too baggy in the back of the legs where most leaks form anyways.
    Good luck but I don't think it bodes well.
    Your best bet might be finding someone to trade with??

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    on a 34 inch waist, the large will fit fine; it's the length (aka, drop) that'll result in gaps, thus leaks.
    a simple fix is to afix the tapes lower down on the front of the diaper. no doubt you'll want to keep the re-sealability of the tapes, so simply place a wide piece of Sellotape,
    Attachment 18050, upon the area to taped, effectively extending the 'tape landing zone' further down the front of the diaper (this will also ensure that the plastic outer doesn't tear during use). this'll keep things up and snugger. ensuring that diaper forms a V shape between the legs will also help avoid leakage.
    don't worry about how high the diaper may be, as it'll lower during use. of course, a onesie will help there.

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