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Thread: Most memorable AB/DL experience

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    Default Most memorable AB/DL experience

    So, what is your most memorable AB/DL experience?

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    Was a few months ago, in June. Had a friend visit from NC. He knew about my little side, a side that I was even hesitant to reveal to my husband (he knew I had interest, but not how far it really went).

    My friend was asleep in the guest room. I got up around 7. I was wet, my Abena L4 was semi-flooded but holding well. I grabbed my blankie and binky and walked slowly into the guest room. He woke, looked up and me and smiled, and held his arms open. I climbed into bed and he held me, cuddled me, whispered soothing words and sounds into my ears. He called me his baby brother and rocked me gently back into sleep, and there we drifted for 2 hours.

    When I woke, I had turned the corner. I had that beautiful, positive regression experience that I had been craving and didn't even realize. Until then I thought regression was silly, but that was my own fear of being vulnerable talking. My own projection of how others would make fun of me- I was doing it to myself. Now, I'm all in with little me. My husband has proven to be just as supportive and encouraging as my big bro. I can count the number of times I've worn big boy underwear since that weekend on one hand. And then finding ADISC... that's helping me quite a lot too.

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    So, I have a pretty good rep on here, I hope, and I hope I don't get flack for telling this story. I have definitely talked about it before, but I can't remember the thread.

    It happened when I was four or five. I was playing with some friends down the block from my house. We all lived in duplexes. My friends' mom was next door playing some kind of card game, I think. My friend (a boy) and his sister were trying to get me to play house with them. I had a really hard time saying no to people because I was worried that they wouldn't like me (even as a kid I had really high anxiety). The reason I didn't want to play was that they wanted me to be the baby. The details of what happened are pretty blurry. I remember that they had me lay on their couch and they pretended to change my diaper. (There wasn't an actual diaper, but they pulled down my pants and pretended. They pulled leaves off of this fake plant by the couch and pretended they were wipes.

    I did not like what was happening, but I was too scared to say anything. In the middle of everything, my friends' mom came in and as soon as she saw us she yelled, "What are you doing? Why are his pants down?" I vividly remember her saying that. I don't remember a lot of what happened afterward, except that I was really scared. My two friends were standing in the corner when I left, and the mom walked me home.

    I don't think this triggered any ab/dl'ness, but I always wonder. The thing is that I always was intrigued by diapers, even at that age. But, I didn't like what happened that day. I asked my mother a few years ago if she remembered that night. She knows I like to wear diapers. She told me she remembered what happened, but that she chalked it up to five-year-olds acting like five-year-olds. I asked her if she thought it could have affected me psychologically, and she said she doubted it.

    Anyway, that is my super-bizarre story.

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    Ill give too...

    First off this was quite some time ago and I wasn't very old and wasn't up on the whole Abdl thing...

    So, met a girl in Chicago, she introduced me into this...she knew on my ic as well...and before this never did really any Abdl stuff at fact didn't really know what it was until then...

    Anyhow, my scariest thing...
    One day started out like normal, and was over at her house...and she dressed me etc...
    Then she held my hand and too me out to her car...I've never been outside like this before...
    Anyhow, we went to a play date with 4 other ab' was very scary...I've never been so scared before or since that I can think of...
    Anyhow, I actually ended up was way too much...but, everyone was very nice...
    It was odd seeing one baby girl get up and start smoking...never expected that!
    So, the day was a bunch of firsts and very scary...

    Now, fun...
    After that day and others she got a van and had a handy man fit a racing seat, like a car seat...
    I loved going for trips...even just drives...


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    Getting to be an RL daddy for an AB girl for a few days in person- it was a lot of fun and a challenge. Have I ever been the baby yet? No. I have always been the caretaker. Still though- it was fun. I have no regrets getting to be her daddy even though whilst I was her daddy she was being manipulated by an online 'uncle' who was more interested in her family money more than being her daddy.


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