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Thread: Dance Mother F**ker Dance!

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    Smile Dance Mother F**ker Dance!

    Hi everyone! Please do not let my thread post scare you, I was justing listening to some music and that was a line said by the Violent Femmes

    1. I really really like music. I play a few instruments and if you are interested I have a soundcloud as well as a youtube channel where I do a few live things. I love to talk music so please do!-especially if you like indie, folk, blues, and jazz.

    I also love to talk books! I am really into Jonathan Safran Foer, Salinger, Vizzini, Burroughs and lots others.

    I desperately want to meet Morrissey

    2. Currently I go to schooleo and I try really hard...seriously I do. It is all consuming sometimes and I have a hard time balancing relationships with people. I think sometimes I just use school as an excuse to not get close to people.

    3. I am an introvert but I have to be an extrovert sometimes because I help teach a writing class....Don't judge my writing on here, I am off the clock. I am a DL and I struggle with that. Maybe that is why I am introvert? Maybe thats why I like to write? Not sure

    4. I forgot what I am suppose to be typing so I apologize if I go off subject

    5. I am here for support. It is hard for me to love myself sometimes and I have never really told anyone about my feelings for diapers. I actually told a therapist once but she really had nothing to say about turns my world upside down sometimes and I let it make me pretty upset. By being here I am hoping to just be a little more open about it, a little more accepting, a little more happy. Isn't that what we all want?

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    Hi, welcome to Adisc!

    1. I enjoy music too, though I am more into metal, 80s and more instrumental things at the moment. What instruments do you play?

    I am also into books. I haven't read any if the authors you mentioned, but I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series, and when I finish that, I have a lot of classic fiction to catch up on!

    2. Well done on trying hard in school! You
    probably hear this alot (I know I did) but I wish I tried harder... If I had just managed my time a bit better I could have made a difference. Don't let it take over your life too much though.

    3. You are in the right place for support! A lot if us on hear have struggled to accept ourselves, hopefully we can help you find a bit of peace. I'm sure the others on here would agree. Feel free to message me if you need a chat.

    Looking forward to seeing you around!


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    Welcome to Adisc TossNTurn!
    I am also into music, sadly none of the genres you mentioned. I'm more of country to Rock to metal kind of guy.

    As for books, I do read whenever I get the chance. I am familiar with Salinger, but I don't recognize any of the other authors.

    So, welcome again!

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    Welcome to the "introvert" who opens the door to reveal himself and screams at all comers, "Dance, Motherfucker, Dance!"

    I'm an indie/folk girl myself, though Violent Femmes never quite​ struck me as belonging to that category...

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    Yeah I don't think the VF really do fit into that category...They are totally Punk/Folk originators. I dig them but I love me some indie folk. I am listening to Bright Eyes "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" right now. That is one of my favorite indie folk albums within the last decade. I really like Okkervil River, they do some really great stuff. Also Kimya Daweson is the bee's knees and who doesn't love the Juno soundtrack? I could talk music for days

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    Hi Hydra,

    Thanks for the welcoming! I used to listen to a ton of metal and I have seen some really good acts but I have mellowed out quite a bit now in my music preferences. I play both the electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele, sing and I dabble in the keyboard and harmonica. I do my own little one man band thing

    I heard the GOT series was pretty good maybe I will check it out sometime. Take care and make sure you stay in touch!


    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks Trollbear!

    If you like Salinger I think you would probably like Foer.....kind of a depressing author that sheds some brilliant optimism towards the end of his novels. Always leaves you feeling connected.


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