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Thread: Why did I start liking diapers again?

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    Default Why did I start liking diapers again?

    When I was young,after I was potty trained. I still wanted to wear diapers,& I'd sneak my younger sisters diapers & pull ups. Then I stopped for awhile till I was probably 17), I start wanting to wear them again.

    I rarely use diapers,but just the thought of peeing & pooping in them is extremely enjoyable.

    A few months back, I start getting really depressed.At sometimes I'd get suicidal,& as get progressively, I just get more depressed,& at times very suicidal. I was 17 at time,& I was getting bullied. It didn't really effect me much,but after I stopped getting bullied, I got really depressed. It's probably what trigged my depression(depression runs in my family).

    But, even before that, I liked diapers,but more so now(even when I'm happy I still want to wear them.)

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    This is how it is for a lot of us, liking to wear them, but being ashamed of ourselves, and feeling/being suisidal. The key is, you need to know that there is nothing wrong with the fact that you like to wear diapers. It doesn't hurt anybody, and even though you and I can admit that it is weird, a good friend would simply shrug their shoulders and wonder why we are so scarred to admit we are adult babies. It is easy to make too big of a deal about our little sides, and it is good when we can realize that our odd behavior is just unique to us, and everyone has odd behaviors. Just try to find a middle ground, where wearing diapers doesn't interrupt your lif but that you feel free to wear. When I was trying to find a middle ground, I actually made myself wear even if I didn't want to for the first while, just so I could make myself feel more like it was normal, instead of giving myself a chance to purge.

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