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    Lightbulb Diaper Training and pavlov

    So I stumbled on this idea rather inadvertently and thought I should share. Not sure if it's come up before It will most likely help other newbies struggling to break their program and retrain their body to wet in any position.

    The Pavlovian response is where you train your body to link two distinct behaviors in this case we are going to link using the toilet with something else. Now it's best to use something which you like (apart from for the obvious reason it will actually work better) and something which has a strong direct link to the pleasure parts of the brain. Taste is very good and a strong smell would be a good second. So let's say you train yourself using mint.
    To train yourself for a few weeks every time you use the toilet you put a mint in your mouth and remove it shortly after finish your business. By the end of that eating mint at anytime should give you the urge to go.

    Now you use this to give you a push when you need it. So don't push your luck too far put on a nappy and get in the 'easiest' position which you find difficult. So if you can do lying propped on an elbow easily do lying down fully. Now do whatever you can to get yourself in the mood. Then take a mint. This should push you over the edge. The best part is once you break the program a couple of times you should be able to do it easily without the prop.

    Well, hopefully useful for someone. Thoughts?

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    Works in theory would love to hear if it works in practice. Good thinking!

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    You also have to take intoo account that your sphincters need a little help from gravity. If your bladder is not full enough to trigger the bladder sphincter to open, you won't leak.

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    Well it definitely works for me!
    I can not brush my teeth now with out feeling like I'm bursting (see:- mint ... ). Even if I've just been and can't possibly go again! Bob111 but your quite right a little pressure is needed to get things going but this applies to nappies or just going 'normally' unless you truly are IC in which cases this probably isn't your topic. I guess I was hoping this was covered by the 'getting in the mood' comment. Obviously actually brushing your teeth is difficult lying face down so just using the taste is probably preferable! I would be keen for other people to give it a go and give me feedback. There is also the tricky area of the placebo effect which the scientist in me wants to collect enough data to standard error the hell out of but I guess most people don't care, if it works it works right?
    Though if you are going to try this its going to take a little while to get results so... please remember to get back to us then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by begard View Post
    Well it definitely works for me!
    I can not brush my teeth now with out feeling like I'm bursting (see:- mint ... ). Even if I've just been and can't possibly go again!
    How long had you been doing your experiment before seeing this effect?

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    That's a little tricky to say. My training was rather unplanned and inadvertent and I certainly didn't use mint every time i went to the toilet. It has probably taken months to reach my current stage. If one made a conscious effort and trained consistently it should happen quite quickly though, a few weeks say. Despite all our advance we really are no more in control of conditioned responses than any other animal. Which is actually a good thing as it's part of the mechanism for making you go to sleep at night and innumerable other things.
    The theory is pretty sound, though I'm not a biologist. Needs a larger test group though and ideally some sort of double blind study. For now we'll have to settle for anecdotal evidence.

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    naww, there is an amount of awareness to resist, possibly.. .. If I recall the the initial experiment, a bell would sound shortly before a meal for the dog, this would go on for several days, in which, the dog will begin salivating immediately after the bell... A particular town where I regularly work in, Aspen CO sounds a whistle every day at noon (local volunteer fire department daily siren test) and, if I haven't indulged in lunch a bit early, regularly experience a sudden drop in blood sugar and immediately begin salivating, resulting in a break for lunch immediately (you have no idea what it does to the local traffic patterns(ugly)). Granted, this response only seems to occur if i've actually been working in this town for a few days in a row, but.. nevertheless, it's still there.

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