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    Hey everyone, need some advice.
    So ever since i started buying diapers ive had the problem of not being able to put them on properly. Sometimes i succeed but most of the time i end up leaking terribly and im always good about slitting the boutside of my first one so it can leak into the next but i still run into issues. Can anybody tell me some tricks to getting the diaper to fit perfectly when u change yourself. Ive tried to go tighter but it hurts my tummy =/

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    First off start with the lower tapes...

    Second, if your using more than one diaper only the first one keeps the majority of the leaks contained...

    Your diaper nearest the skin is the only one that the leg barriers or stand up leak guards work on...

    Also too tight isn't good for leaks...snug but not tight...

    Also if you slit or puncture the inner diaper out too far towards legs you'll leak too...

    My double diaper setup...

    Inner diaper is one size smaller than outer diaper....
    Ex. M4/l4
    Put on inner diaper making sure leak barriers are standing up...sometimes they are stuck down...and legs are snug...
    Then puncture the inner diaper in center sections being careful to not go outside where the leak barriers are on the outer diaper.
    Put on outer diaper...
    Then I usually put on a pair of under where over, diaper cover, and onesie...

    I've never leaked once, even with extended time....over 12 hours sometimes in the past...


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    Have you read the article about it?

    Maybe if you have only tried one or two brands you should explore others out there too. They all offer different fits and some will be better for you than others. You just need to find which ones they are.

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    wow bret thats quite the detailed walk through =) thanks and pup ive tried a few different kinds and have had the same results (not counting designer brands) but i never knew that the article existed so thanks. I definetly need to read it. This is why i need a mommy, so much to know lol

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