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Thread: Depression and Diapers

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    Default Depression and Diapers

    Does anybody else get kinda moody when they dont wear diapers for awhile? Ive noticed that if i go over a week without doing some type of AB oriented thing i get depressed and agitated more easily. Its almost like my little side leaks out into my every day life if i dont give it any attention.

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    I have notes this thing to. I feel kind of crazy and it feels like some part of me is missing or something.

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    Yeah I get the same, give no attention it screams

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    I'm IC I don't wear I leak. I leak I get depressed.
    Moral of story wear and don't get depressed.
    My question; is there something that prevents you from wearing?
    If wearing makes you happy then by all means do it and stay happy.

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    Hey well im not IC but i wear most days and nights so around about 5 days is the most i can go with out wearing then i become very grumpy and needy. Nappies for me is like having a big super hug sounds silly but true. hugs little Leo

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    Littleleo it doesn't sound silly at all cos it's true :-)

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    I can go 3, maybe 4 days until i just start to feel sad not being diapered.

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    Even being IC they still feel like a big Hug. It is like security. Diapers are lig getting hugs that can't be topped

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    lol thanks everyone, im glad im not the only one. I just dont wear all the time because i run out, besides that i try wear them as much as possible besides when im at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    I can go 3, maybe 4 days until i just start to feel sad not being diapered.
    Good point. It feels like something is missing.

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