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    Hey, everyone, what's up? I'm finally 18 now, and the last time I made an introduction topic was several years ago, so I figured I'd do an update of sorts.

    Within those several years, I have also gone through two name changes - originally I was known as Cougar, then later JerryChipmunk, and now this one, which I hope will be permanent. When I was around 13-15 (the time I originally joined here), I went through a huge "identity crisis" of sorts where I would change my fursona every few months, but after a while I settled down in the identity of Jerry. Then earlier this year I started feeling like he no longer accurately represented me, so I created Ollie, who is a 14-year-old otter. In addition to that, I also have a large world filled with other characters that I occasionally draw and write about.

    So... now for the more interesting part, which would be my interests. Needless to say, I like diapers, and I'm more inclined to label myself as a DL with tendencies towards kiddie/toddler things (I don't really consider myself a full-on Adult Baby, as my age is typically older than that).

    Apart from that, as mentioned before, I am very creative and have been writing and drawing actively for the past nine years, although I also hope to maybe dabble in other mediums at some point. I love learning new things and have always had a natural curiosity towards new things, particularly in areas of science such as zoology, geology, and astronomy.

    I am also FtM transgender (male pronouns, please), and am hoping to work towards transitioning within the next year or two.

    I think that's everything for now. I tend to mostly lurk rather than post, but I hope to post when I have something worth saying!

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    Welcome Ollie and glad you returned.

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