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Thread: why do doctors want to push pills for incontinence when you dont want them?

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    Default why do doctors want to push pills for incontinence when you dont want them?

    When I started becoming incontinent I went to my doctor to get diapers prescribed. She said no I want you to try medication for it. I told her no meds I dont like the side effects. She kept insisting to try meds so I gave in and tried one. She gave me a med that interfered with my rispherdale knowing I was on it. I almost had a heartattack from it. I went back the next day insisting for the diaper prescription and she said no. So I went to a old doctor of mime and told her what went on and asked her she gave me the prescription. Why do docters think meds are the best option for you when you dont want them. I am perfectly happy wearing diapers.

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    Diaper companies don't have reps coming into Drs' offices and handing out colorful pens and pretty notepads with the diapers' names on them, and there's no real recognized 'off-label' use the way they can claim a schizophrenia drug clears up preteen acne or something. In short, there's only 1 use for a diaper and there's no real way to hide what's in it so they can't sell it for things beyond their intended purpose - it only makes money once

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    Short answer big drug companies make huge amounts of money while diaper companies don't.

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    I think you guys are right the doctors proably get bonuses from drug companies for prescibing meds.

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    So i am trying to go to med school, and before applying you have to shadow doctors. Ive noticed that at almost every appointment they prescribe a pill of Sorts. Ive commented on this and one of the dr that i shadowed told me that need school teaches then western medicine. Which is based on a theory of chemical balance (drugs) and rehabilitation for injuries (physical therapy, ect.) But they don't really recommend home remedies often, accupuncture, natural remedies, ect. I think diapers is included in the second half.

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    Bronie07 I have to beleive that doctors offices and hospitals get some sort of kick back for pushing meds on a patient. Cause they have a med for everything out there and they are all expensive and you cant go to a doctors office without the prescribing you something. I also have highblood pressure and high colesteral. And those meds can cause other heart problems and liver problems so you are fixing one thing and damaging another thing or things. The only meds I take on a regular bases is my bi-polar depression to help me funtion more normally with out them my life would be miserable so I am willing to put up with the side effects. But doctors refusing to listen to what the patient want is a doctor who loses patients like me. I understand a doctor sugesting meds but to flat out say meds are the best way and only way they will deal with a problem and not listen to or respect their patients wishes is wrong. There is a saying out there" The customer is always right." And the patient is a customer and a good doctor would respect there patients wishes.

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    Well in that case let's stop going to all doctors. Afterall, customer is always right.

    I think you're going a little over the top. I even agree with you to a point. Most reasonable doctors do in fact recognize that diapers are sometimes the best solution. You'll mainly find them amongst urologists rather than your primary doctors. There are plenty that know that the medications have dangerous side effects. a decent doctor checks drug interactions before you leave anyway.

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    @incontinentGM24 I dont go to the doctor unless I have to and I found one that respects my wishes and I do take certian prescription drugs to clear up certian problems but no meds over long periods of time. Your more than welcome to follow there advice and take meds for incontinence and other things and solwly destroy your heart and liver. But its not for me and we are getting off topic. The topic is about doctors respecting peoples wishes to wear diapers over their meds.

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    For me, any anti piss your pants pills are a no-no, when you are an older male with BPH (Enlarged Prostate) which I have.

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    i know the feeling i went to my dr not too long and i ws telling them about my toileting problems and guess what the first thig they said it as ? diet. it cant be diet because my diets been the same as it is now for years and i had back then too but not as bad.

    i think i have IBS but guess what my dr thinks its diet again.

    but if that's the case how come if i don't eat anything at all or drink anything i still get the same problem. so i go back and tell her that guess what she says this tie ? she says the reason my toileting is irregular is because im not drinking enough or eating enough.

    sometime i think talking to a dr is like taking to a brick wall.

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