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    So, I have been lurking for a week-ish (shame on me) and last night I finally lost my Nappy virginity! I enjoyed it greatly and since it seems I will be sticking with it (In fact #2 is currently in action). I thought it was time to declare myself.

    So I am an academic working in a university, I study physics, and work more hours than i care to admit! I am a fairly quiet but devoutly loyal person who doesn't know how to use the word 'no' enough. I don't own a car which can be a bind living out in the sticks but I have a bike I use for traveling and making the 6 mile commute to work

    Why am I here. As with everybody that's complicated. I guess by most standards I am a very late starter I wasn't really aware of my interest in ABDL until I was 19 when for no good reason I manufactured a make shift nappy out of various household items (though I was never brave enough to road test it!). Since I have occasionally repeated the exercise and seeing some documentaries really put me back on the path. I guess I always dismissed these antics as quickly as I could due to fear, shame. But the increased web presence of the ABDL community made me accept that it wasn't so wrong and after mustering my courage by lurking and reading all the encouraging words on this website I finally did the thing I had wanted to do these past 6 years. I bought myself my first nappies and It was great! Thank-you all for your, inadvertent, help! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    In my spare time I enjoy playing Viola with a local amateur orchestra as well as playing for other events on an ad hoc basis, supporting local am-dram things fund raisers, play days, whatever turns up really. I collect DC Thomson comics (That's the Beano, Dandy etc. for the Brits out there and for the Americans just a warning there are no super-heroes in sight! well accept Bananaman but he doesn't count). I am a whisky fiend and enjoy a dram several times a week. Used to be big on the Speysides but recently have been drawn to the dark side (the very observant might notice a link with the name. If you like to Nag A Ram. It's what I had on my desk when I was inventing a name). Yep that's me!

    What am I looking for? well, continued support and talking to like minded people is always great! Tips and tricks passing down the generations too. I'm also hoping to gain more of an understanding of 'what' I am. I lie on the AB-DL spectrum but haven't really worked out where. So far I have been enjoying nappies (sorry I said it again) and have had a nice set of footed PJ's for a while though I didn't particularly buy them with AB in mind (at least not consciously). I am interest in a lot of the other AB aspects clothing, dummies etc. but I'm not sure I could ever 'regress' in any real sense. Frankly time is an issue, but I think my inner toddler is so cowed I couldn't dig him out enough for that in several lifetimes. That said I am currently enjoying indulging my inner child in other small ways like brightly coloured cartoon underwear(TMI?) which is a big step from the usual functional but dull fare my draw is full of. Anyway it's a way for me to explore my newly released ABism in the wider world, nappies don't currently pass the front door. Who knows it's a road of discovery and I'm looking forward to the journey.

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    Hello and welcome

    You have no idea just how much of a relief it is to see a new member join the forum who has the word Nappy in their vocabulary. I love all these great people here but mentally I'm replacing Diaper with Nappy behind their backs

    I'm now going to find my 70's/80's annuals but I'm sure five minutes with the bash street kids will help calm the nerves after the mayhem that's about to be unleashed.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Same here about the nappy/diaper thing. Welcome to the forum, and good choice of thread title. That was the same one I used. Seems like such a long time ago now. Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I have. I'm also into music, jazz, I play sax and that sort of thing. 19 is pretty old to start I suppose, as I'm only just legal for this site, but hey, gotta start somewhere.


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    Thanks guys,
    Just to check is using the Briticisms that big a deal on here? If it's going to cause unnecessary agro then I can switch to fairly fluent American. (I spend a lot of time writing papers for American journals, though it is nice to type in the queen's for a change).
    The late start can probably at least in part be blamed on exposure. I have a small family and there really weren't any nappies in my life after I graduated them. So it wasn't until much later than most that the idea was germinated. Then a few years of fighting it for 'not being normal'.
    kiwidl, do you play with a group? I like listening to Jazz but can't play it, I need the dots. I play classical and some folk by myself. At the moment all the groups I play with are more modern and cover films, musicals, famous classics and post 1900 orchestral compositions. We even get the occasional living composer and premier. Though I have played for classical groups a lot in the past. I am at quite a high level and have occasionally been paid for my services. Next week I'm playing for a friend at a fund raiser and their paying travel cost. Think I could have negotiated a fee but didn't want to for my friend and because people attending are raising money for charity. Also thinking it should be a good chance to network and hopefully more gigs might come out of it. What about you what's your level?

    All my annuals are currently in storage, but going to retrieve them soon, so going to spend the after noon with some 70's and 80's weeklies. I do like the bash street kids but I think Dennis and Gnasher take the crown for my favorites at the moment . Though I tend to go in cycles. A good roger the dodger story is also a must from time to time.

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    I've never seen any complaint about using nappy instead of diaper and to be honest, since posting on this thread, I've started writing nappy more.
    I forgot about Roger the Dodger and even Minnie the Minx until I found them in the attic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strontium View Post
    mentally I'm replacing Diaper with Nappy behind their backs

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwidl View Post
    Same here about the nappy/diaper thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strontium View Post
    I've started writing nappy more.
    *Gasps* What!!? Such a scandal!!

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    I think most of us that use this site with any consistency are getting pretty bilingual in the sense of British/US names such as nappy/diaper or cot/crib, etc. I would suggest using whatever you are comfortable using. I'm sure if you use a term not as widely known in the US, someone will ask.

    Welcome to the site.

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    Yeah, I've never seen it being an issue with which word is used... I'm not brilliant at my ad-libbing, need to work on that, but with uni and all, it's not really happening any time soon. Way too busy with life. Listening to jazz, or basically any music, is great.

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