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Thread: Diaper roleplaying site?

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    Default Diaper roleplaying site?

    Hey all, sorry for my long hiatus but I decided to stop by and say hi again!

    My question for you guys is do you know of a diaper site that is dedicated strictly to roleplaying? Because if not I was thinking of creating one and trying to promote it.

    I was thinking a diaper site dedicated strictly to roleplaying would be great because no matter what younare into you could find someone like yourself.


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    Advertising it as a roleplaying site solely for diapers will likely end up attracting the illiterate dregs and general lowlifes from other places that are better off not mentioned, so it might be a better idea to join an already existing roleplay chat site. For example, F-List is a site where one can list their kinks and limits, then roleplay in their online chat (or by sending notes, AKA private messages, to others).

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