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    Default Guttentag

    I didn't do a Google search on proper German, so I have no way of knowing if I spelled that right. Moving on!

    The name's EngageStage2Rockets and writing lots of fanfiction is my game. Also coffee, Tetris Sphere, watching the History Channel whenever Ancient Aliens isn't on, and browsing the internet in search of more My Little Pony to help satiate my pony addiction.

    I was interested in diapers and the ABDL community ever since I was a wee little stage one rocket, but was pretty shy about it and usually kept it secret. This'll be the first forum I've ever joined that's devoted to it, so I'm looking forward to having a great time around here . Found this place while randomly browsing and it looked right up my alley.

    Take care, all, it's been a pleasure making your acquaintance!

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    willkommen to the community, this is a really great site with loads of friendly people. The best thing is you don't need to keep you interest in diapers a secret here hehe, have fun.

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    Heh, well I would hope that secret wouldn't ave to stay one. That'd seem kinda silly. And yes, I hope to have more fun than my body has room for! Maybe even submit some stories or something. Never actually done a diaper themed story before though. That might be neat.

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    Default Guttentag

    Guttentag, just needs a space, a capital "T" and that extra one removed from "Guten"!

    Guten Tag!

    And welcome, I'm pretty new here but I can tell you this site is amazing! Lots if really nice people who make me feel welcome

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    Ah! Guten Tag und willkommen mein Herr, Ich spreche deutsches wenig *giggles* but still need to learn more. Welcome to the family, pull up a chair! stay a while ^.^ and know that there are quite a few people here who can answer any questions you might have. I have certainly gleaned my fair share from this community. But once again welcome, and I hope to meet you again here.

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    I shall endeavor to retain the German that I have learned this day! Many thanks, all .

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