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    Default Hey guys

    Hey my name is Ben and I am 29.
    I currently live in Japan but I am from Tucson Arizona.
    Of course I like diapers, so I got that going...

    I like games and anime, but I really love gundam. It is a giant robot anime in Japan and they have millions of models that are really fun to put together.


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    Hay I remember those they where real popular for two or three years. Hi my name is shadow

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    Hi Ben welcome to the site, it's always nice to meet someone new. I hope you have fun here

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    Hello! I'm Paxy, its nice to meet you. Welcome to the Community! I'm partial to Gundam Wing (and the OAV, Endless Waltz) you have a favorite Gundam series?

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    Where in Japan are you living now? I was in Okinawa for two years, but that was a long time ago (1974-76). Are you in Japan for business? school? vacation

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    I teach English in a small town about three hours out of Tokyo.

    It is hard for me to say what my favorite gundam series is, of course gundam wing is fantastic but the gundam 00 and gundam unicorn are amazing

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    Hi Ben, I'm staple, Japanese DL living in Tokyo.
    Nice to see you(▽`)ノ

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    I love anime too! I'm envious that you're in Japan. I used to love gundam when I was physically little. I dont remember when I lost my interest in it. But I still rewatch the VHS's sometimes. I hope you have fun here

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