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Thread: I might be a shopaholic

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    Default I might be a shopaholic

    Paypal and Ebay are not my friends..

    I just spent 23 dollars on gloves on Etsy, because their super adorable and I need them. Winter's coming afterall...

    OK I really do not need gloves, but when I see something I want I go ahead and buy it. I think over the last 4 months I've spent around 200 dollars online..which is not at all cool. But a treat a week won't hurt anything right? So long as I pay my bills? Or should I try to stop it, or stiffle it so I can save money?

    ...I'm a bit confused as to if I should save my money or not. And how much a month do you think is enough for little online "treats"? At least in your opinion?

    ..this is a weird question, so if I'm completely incoherent just let me know. <3

    P.S. Gloves....omg

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    Well some of us buy to feel good kinda like some eat when sad.
    So why not give it 24-48 hours then get it after thinking if you realy want it.
    The big thing is we need to reward our selves some times or its just work.
    Or save for some thing you really want.
    Now in the case it some thing there is some thing there is one of a kind then you must think of that.
    Only you can say you know how much you have.

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    I'm married to a shopaholic. She just spent $300 at Target (pron "Tarzhay) on a credit card. She said she was feeling sad and it made her feel better. Problem is, we are already in debt and she spent about three times as much as she should have. Now that I have that off my chest, yes it is OK to buy things as long as you pay them off when you get the bill. It's when you don't pay off the bill(s) that it begins to snowball and before you know it, you are $$ in debt. I know nothing about you but all I can say is to sit down and see what your mandatory expenses are - car, house/apartment, insurance, etc. and after subtracting it from your income, see how much is left. Then, put some aside for savings, maybe 5 - 10% of what's left, preferably in an account where it's not readily accessible and then see how much is left to splurge with. Always keep in mind when you purchase something: Is it a need or a want? Yes, you may need gloves for winter, but do they need to be fancy gloves? It's up to you and your budget. Nice gloves, btw!

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    What about it? As long as you can pay it, it's no biggie.

    Honestly, I wouldn't say it's any kind of a sign for being a shopaholic ;). It's not like you're buying things for the sake of buying something, even tho it makes no sense and couldn't pay it directly perhaps, right?

    Anyway, I too have been buying a lot this year funnily, especially clothes and shoes and beddings, don't ask me how I got this idea, I don't know myself. Besides that I never had a shoe-shopping addiction too, but now own way too much for my taste ^_-. But haven't touched my savings or anything else...

    However, regarding how much is "okay" to spend, I'd stick to saving a certain amount of money per month and the rest... you're free to do with what you feel like. Literally, it can save your ass sometimes, if something is broken or if you need anything for certain occasions. Ultimately the amount depends on yourself and what you got on money. The basic rule would be 1/10 of what you got a month (more if you're able to or didn't need that much in certain months.).And so... I think as long as you can buy other things and not have to save on your food... it doesn't matter how much you spend in general. Perhaps things you only wear or use rarely, with no special need for them, are kind of wasted money. So consulting your pillow isn't a bad idea sometimes. ;)

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    i try to depress myself with the negative consequences of buying needless stuff, particularly online.
    still, here i am, with plastic-pants so aplenty that i often can't decide what to wear, and ab/sissy shoes that i'll probably only wear for photos.
    i don't know whether to laugh or cry at my hopelessness/dedication.

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    $200 over 4 months isn't a lot, but it really depends on your situation. If you're broke and unemployed, even $50/month is too much to spend on stuff you don't need. On the other hand, if you're making 50,000 or 100,000 a year then it's practically nothing.

    In the long run, I think you'd be happier saving your money. If you buy something you don't need, you'll get a temporary high from buying it, but after that it's practically useless. But if you save enough money, eventually you won't have to worry about money any longer, and that's a huge psychological relief.

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    I agree with what Astra wrote. 200 for four months doesn't say excessive to me at all.

    It's only a problem if it's a problem. If you feel shameful, guilty, bad. If you are spending money you don't have. If you are going into debt. If it's affecting your happiness and job. Otherwise, it should be fine.

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    As long as you get your bills paid, who cares? And $200 over 4 months is almost nothing. At least depending on how much you make and how much your bills are.

    Pretty simple solution: Put into a savings account every month the same amount you spend shopping online. So you spend $15 on a new toy, put $15 in savings account. That at least ensures that you still have "emergency money" to keep you safe in the future, but it still lets you play around online.

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    I'm actually reassured by the fact that you have noticed the spending, I remember watching something on tv where the woman was spending 1000/$1500 a month on cloths and makeup. The frightening thing was she just didn't realise that the spending was so out of control.

    I would love to say 'you shouldn't feel guilt' for buying things for yourself but to be honest, I feel guilty when I spent money on myself and I've always considered it to be my financial side saying ' You spent some money there '

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