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    Hi, I posted a question on here a week ago wondering if I was actually a diaper lover since I don't care at all to wear them myself but would fine it a huge turn on if an attractive female did. I'm not sure what that makes me or if I can really fit in here but I wanted to join to get to know some semi-like minded people and enjoy this odd quirk :-). I'm a firm believer that any fetish can be healthy toward a relationship as long as it isn't hurting anyone.

    Anyway, personally I'm a musician and college student majoring in music. I play out every now & then, write songs, study classical guitar in college, among other things. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my music degree yet but I hope to piece something together. I also enjoy all forms of motorsports and pro-wrestling, and love TV shows, especially from the 90's!

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    Hi and welcome to the site, personally I'm not into wearing diapers either. However I love seeing my little wearing wearing them because she looks so cute. So I kind of know what you mean.

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