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    Due to being handicapped, there are some days that I need a wheelchair. I always tell my friends that I don't need them to push me; but I actually really like it. Makes me feel like I'm in a stroller. ^_^ At least in a "normally socially acceptable adult" way.

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    You're not hurting anyone, so its absolutely fine if you enjoy it.

    I have a similar situation, though I am not disabled but have a disorder of sorts. There's this procedure I have to have 2-4 times a year that both helps me, and hurts me. Sorta like being temporarily cathorized..among other things, and everytime I have it done everyone around me really pitches in to take care of me afterwards. Because it's painful and I limp, so having family and friends help me out, bring me things I like, etc etc makes me feel incredibly little. Like I'm a child again, which is nice.

    I don't feel like I'm wrong for finding peace with what I have due to the aftercare, so I definitely know that you shouldn't either. <3

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