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Thread: Descrete Ordering Tips?

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    Default Descrete Ordering Tips?

    Right now i'm staying with my grandparents while i attend college, and i'm considering ordering my first ab diapers.

    Before now, i've only tried what i could find at pharmacies.
    i'm thinking of trying out super dry kids, and bambino bellissimo. but, i'm worried as to how i can do this descretely.

    i want to make sure i don't accidentaly do something that allows anyone who looks at my bank statement to know what i ordered, and i obviously don't want it delivered to the house.

    any ideas?

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    Quick question. Do you by chance have an account with amazon prime? If so, you could order through them without anything suspicious popping up on your bank account, and get what you ordered in exactly two days, (amazon has never failed me on this) and get your order in an amazon box, which wouldn't arouse any suspicion. if you planned it out, you coukd have the order come on a day when you have the house to yourself. the only problem might be that I don't know exactly what products they have. I briefly searched the other day and found tranquiliy ATNs, wellness briefs ane the like, but I have a pretty good feeling they wont have any strictly ab products. even if they didn't though, they still have some good products. hope it helps!

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    Bambino also ships discretely, though the shipping time depends. I usually receive my orders with a week from the day I order if I do it before 2pm pacific time. Their diapers are also great. :P But I've also gone the amazon route, and being a student I got a discount on prime, so if I wanted I could order with free 2 day shipping and plan out when I receive them.

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    I get a gift card and send to a UPS/Fedex that is nearby... No trails on your bank account, you pick it up, and you're on your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatroz View Post
    I get a gift card and send to a UPS/Fedex that is nearby... No trails on your bank account, you pick it up, and you're on your way.
    when it arrives at ups/fedex, do they contact you via phone or email?

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    To send it to a UPS, do i set the shipping address as the address for the UPS; or is there some other option i have to go through?

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    You set the shipping address as the UPS Address. With UPS you need to call them and advise them that you have a package incoming to their location, the hold for pickup fee is $5. (at least that's the way it is for the UPS at my location)

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    well, just ordered some bambinos. ^^

    now to play the waiting game...

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