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    There isn't a link section, at least not that I can find, lol. Anyways, I got bored last night, so I bought a domain name, hehe.

    Y'all should check it out and leave me a comment, it would make me really happy. :P If you have a site and want to trade links, that'd be awesome!


    Edit... Yeah, I'm so dumb >.< I saw the links 2 seconds after I posted this >.< Grr. Anyways, I'm just dumb, and this is my site, blah.
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    There's a "Personal Pages" section in ADISC's link pages. You can add your own site there

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    lol Yeah.... saw that litereally 2 seconds after I clicked post. I was having a blonde moment. I must have looked for links forever, couldn't find them... post, and bam it's there, lmao.

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