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Thread: Your political beliefs/position.

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    Question Your political beliefs/position.

    Hi I just want to know the political beliefs and position of people out here. For me I am a Liberal-Conservative and a Radical Centrist.

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    I'm not interested in modern political labels anymore. Compared to their original ideology, the terms "liberal" and "conservative" are practically meaningless. It would be more efficient to list out political issues and ask for ADISC's stance on them.

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    Hmm, difficult one. I suppose if I was to narrow it down, it would be fairly libertarian. People should be free to do what they want so long as it does not bring harm to others. (i.e. drug taking, gay marriage) That said, I do support some form of social contract; therefore, there need to be safety nets for those who require assistance. Additionally this would also mean universal healthcare (private companies could still be free to operate). That's me on good days

    On bad days, I think the world would work better as a totalitarian dictatorship where use of the the expression, "YOLO" in conversation is a capital offence, and Justin Bieber would be hunted down like a dog.

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    Have been a swing voter never by party. But this thing they are calling the Republican Party these days is a disgrace. Bought and paid for politics is what we have today and it stinks to high heaven.

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    I'm neither conservative or liberal; hate both parties and I'm a man without a political party as of right now. As for what I am; I'm a little of both socialist and libertarian. I agree with some tenants of libertarianism such as the view of not getting involved in misadventures overseas and freedoms at home but also some tenants of socialism such as housing, food help, social security etc.

    As for the current system in the US; I hate it... REALLY hate it! I mean, despise, can't stand... due to all the problems that happen in DC and the fact that current politicians are so out of touch with the mainstream society that they only care about what they can get from the lobbyists. I hate politics and when I watch the news I usually end up yelling at my TV at the talking heads.

    I have since sworn not to vote established candidates anymore as the established candidates only care about being re-elected to keep their perks.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Social Democrat: socialist government, liberal state, capitalist economy, open society

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    Define my stance well what issue?
    1 prolife all the way meaning against abortion except in case of life off the mother ( this then nters into the mother has right to deffened her life) against death penalty. Against embryonic stem cells (mind you I am full for all other stem cells) against suicide (even though I am plagued by those thoughts all the time)
    2 while I do believe homosexual actions are soon-----but Luther taught that all that are alive now are sinners no one worse or better or worse. It is all about repentance. My son I atrial with is my diaper fetish and it is all damadable. BUT Jesus the Christ came not for the rigorous but to retrieve the lost (I being one of the worst. Paul might have been the chief but I am the king of s sinners and if Christ can save even this sinner that is a worm and not a man deserving of nothing but temporal and eternal punishment, I am sure a repentant homosexual can get just as much forgiveness as they need too. An the way some Christians treat homosexuals is wine there is telling people the right stuff in the wrong way , westburro, and telling them you love them God loves them.
    3 Taxes while the rich can pay more we must not grab as much as some would like. At 50k a year I take home 30k. I don't feel that a person making 100 k. Should lose a full 30k (take home 70k). I would go with under 25k no taxes , 25 to 45k 15% 45 to 65 20% 65 to 85 25% 85+k 30% no loop holes not tax deduction flats rate in you bracket. (And when I talk tax I mean all 3 feed state and local convinced for those numbers)
    4 immigration, I would like to see people come in legally, but our laws are to stricked give us you poor ..........
    5 the NSA issue all I have to say is 4th a amendment.
    6 this so called media shield law. 1st amendment does not say free speech to only those that are paid but all that reside in the US
    7 nuculare proliferation. BAD BAD I still have nightmares from the time I enemy to the Hiroshima atomic bomb museum I will never forget those sites I live in fear of those sites the US add wrong y to drop the bomb a debt that can never be repaid disarm please for the love of God disarm
    8 SSA you paed into it, it your money when you retire. Socials contract and all
    9 safety nets needed might want a light over sight but we can not let people go hungry go homeless etc

    OK I will put on my flame retardant suit for the first two items as I know hate is coming my way now.

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    Simply put, I like most of what the republicans are for, just am disgusted that the christian extremists have latched onto them. Adding their idioticly religious bias/2 cents to every argument. Though by no means can i be called a democrat, i dont believe in endless social programs that merely treat the symptoms of problems, while never treating the cause..

    I havent voted in years. No one represents my fiscally conservative and liberall lifestyle, no, not even the libertarians.

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    Almost like how I am with not being able to really choose an exact religious group to belong to, I can't really choose a political side, either. In politics I can see the upsides and downsides of so many different ideas that I can't pick one and stand by it. Is there a "Unitarian" political party? Shoot, I don't even really fully agree with everything the Unitarians say, either.

    Normally, though, in our two-party-system in America, I tend to vote Democrat. IMO Democrats are what Americans need at this point in time. However, I realize there are many upsides to the Republican party's economic platform as well. But I really believe we need universal health care, and I feel that Democrats are our best bet of getting this.

    I wasted my first ever vote on the Green Party, which never has a fair shot at winning anything. Statistically speaking, though, all my votes are wasted, aren't they?

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