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Thread: Making shortalls out of thrift store finds

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    Default Making shortalls out of thrift store finds

    The other day when I was looking for diapers at some area thrift stores I came across a pair of maternity overalls. They were big, big enough to fit me with some room to spare (and I am 6' 1", 275 lbs). So, I nabbed them for a dollar (along with four bags of diapers, hehe).

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    At another thrift store I did not find any diapers, but I did find these cool Star Wars pajamas with the big "Jedi" patch front and center. I had heard about some people who make shortalls and sew on patches from popular children's imagery, and being a Star Wars geek I immediately shelled out the $3 for these pajamas.

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    Saturday night, I got into my zone. The first thing I did was measure and cut off the legs of the overalls to my desired length. I like my shortalls to come to the knee because I do wear them out and about in public. I do plan on making a pair of full-on toddler shortalls complete with shorter legs and snaps in the crotch for easy diaper changes, but that will be a different experiment. Then, I hemmed them by hand because A- I don't have a sewing machine and B- I don't remember how to operate one. The old-school metalhead/punker who had dozens of band patches sewn onto his denim jacket in the late 80's, however, knows how to wield a needle, so after 90 minutes of stitching, I had a nice pair of relatively even-hemmed shortalls. Here's the knee:

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    But wait a minute. Like Jon Bon Jovi at the end of Bad Medicine, I'm not done. I still wanted that Jedi patch front and center, so I cut it out of the pajama top and stitched it to the center panel of the chest. Upon examining it, I noticed there is a hard circular disc of plastic inside the patch. Seeing as the arwork shows two crossed lightsabers above the "Jedi", I am guessing that at one point, the patch actually lit up or flashed light, maybe even played lightsaber sound effects. I am going to carefully remove it at some point and see if I can get it working again, it may just need a battery.

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    And now, the finished result. I tried it on over my onesie and diaper combo, a bulky diaper just to make sure there was some room in there. They are a little snug, in the lower legs, but that's because they're women's overalls and I have these 30" tree trunk thighs. But, the cut in the hip allows more than enough room for even a bulky diaper and because they are maternity, the denim is light and has some stretch to it. I'm really chuffed with these. It's not that elaborate but there will be room to work with these a bit more, maybe add some more patches. Plus, it's given me some inspiration to make my own AB/Adult Kid clothing for myself and maybe others.

    Here's the finished result, complete with Buddy Christ Pose.

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    Thanks guys! I wore them to work the next day and got a lot of compliments. Not a one suspected the diaper underneath except my best friend/coworker who knows I wear and am AB.

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