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Thread: My wife bought me girls goodnights ?

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    Default My wife bought me girls goodnights ?

    so my wife goes to the grocery store and she also buys my diapers as she knows I wear everyday I wear the Kroger brand of goodnights the all white ones so she comes home with girls goodnights which is not common we keep them for play time she very occasionaly will wear for me so I said a comment about it and she said I got them for u and I said why me ? and she said idk and walked away my wife is very vanilla so I assumed she was joking later I said where are my diapers at she said I told u so I just let it go I don't know what to think about it really anyone have any thoughts and I am not much for wearing girls diapers even though now I have to don't wana make her upset she does put up with this lol

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    Wear them, mine fit beautifully, keep my clothes dry, and honestly, look real cute!!!

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    Some guys can actually wear girls' Goodnites pretty well, because they have to point downwards. Perhaps that's the reason; or maybe she likes the way they look and wanted to try them on you?

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    That's all I wear is girls goodnites for pull-up style diapers.

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    I have just never been a girls diaper wearer always just wore the white goodnights

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    Definitely go with it, she might be feeling mischievous by getting them and have something in mind. :P

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    When you said "Kroger" I knew you had to be in the midwest. My first job after high shool was working for Kroger in Whitehall on Hamilton Road. I looked at your profile and saw you are from central Ohio. I used to live in Newark, 36 miles east of Columbus before I moved to Wisconsin. A belated welcome to ADSIC!

    If your wife knows you wear diapers, and actually goes and buys you some, I'd say just wear them. Perhaps next time you could/should specify which kind you prefer.

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    I think you're now discovering the same dilemma likely many a bedwetter/IC discovers as a kid when their parents buy the opposite gender one, :P

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    Boys pullups have always been ugly. Little girls have always been cute. Just what is with this gender thing anyways.

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