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Thread: wipes that don't smell like baby powder?

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    Default wipes that don't smell like baby powder?

    I realize that most people encourage and want a more baby-like experience. But I have encountered a few times lately I need to transition from a wet diaper to a family or work event with limited cleanup opportunities.

    Any suggestions on wipes that do not leave a baby scent when done? How about a scent-free powder?


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    Most of the leading brands have an unscented product line. as far as scentless baby powder I would suggest something like a shower to shower, which has send but not a baby powder scent. But a lot of the wipes smell like hand lotion so I don't really see the problem. I'm sure that's what most people would think if they smelled your hand.

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    Hey Piper.

    I personally prefer using scented wipes on my little girl. In my experience, the smell doesn't transfer particularly well anyway, so your bits aren't going to smell like wipes, and the scent certainly isn't strong enough to permeate any clothing anyway. I dislike unscented wipes; they don't, well, smell right. They do have a smell; cheap alcohol.

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    Yes there are many unscented wipes...

    As for unscented baby powder use corn starch from the food isle...

    I prefer the scented wipes and scented baby powder as well, no one has ever said anything to me...

    In fact I know of many people that use baby powder that is scented for everything from installing inner tubes to just after a shower...and none are ab's...

    Btw: just FYI...don't use talc based baby powder use corn starch it, it's not good for any baby!


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