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    This is intended for the people who feel the urge the longing or the extreme need.

    You have a couple of options when still living with parents.

    A-Just wait it out the time will come "grow up" a little and get your own place it will be all that more rewarding.

    B-Tell them the truth and face the judgment of your parent(s).

    C-Just fucking lie to them. While this is not the best seen method them not knowing the whole truth would be the best thing for both parties. I am sure your parents do not share the entirety of their life with you, IE what your mom and/or dad like in the bedroom.

    Tell them you are having bedtime problems or day time problems and would like to not talk about it. Use your best judgement on what excuse you will use ahead of time. But do not practice this in your head ahead of time as it will seem more genuine.

    If they see you package and ask what it is make sure to be nice and say it is a personal item they might not push any further. I'm sure your mom would not want to share what kind of tampons or maxi pads she uses with you?

    I could go deeper but meh its late. I need to go to bed got work in the morning. This post has been done up a little better than my usual ones. Just practicing for writing at the moment until I feel comfortable to writing stories. Need work with punctuation still.

    Goodnight everyone and remember this is the internet so take it with a grain of salt.

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    "Just fucking lie to them", I love that. I do think a lot of people simply hide it from their parents without the need to lie or explain, until they get caught that is. I myself did this, and to my knowledge at least, my parents never found out. Telling parents you have a wetting problem is probably not the best way to go. You will probably be taken to a doctor so they can get rid of your wetting problem. There was another thread a little while back with some good advice for your parents discovering your diapers. I remember one tip being to say you lost a bet. And for girls, the period excuse is always golden.

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    Hiding your stuff vey well and never getting caught is the best way. If you do get caught a UTI that your are getting treated for will cause less worry and questions than just saying you have a bed wetting problem. It is temporary and can re-occur if you slip up in hiding again. Although if you are still on your parents medical insurance and they pick up your prescriptions and know about your doctors visits it might not work out. If you get caught with bambinos and baby stuff medical excuses don't really work.

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