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Thread: A Year as an Adult Baby: My Story

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    Cool A Year as an Adult Baby: My Story

    Today marks the 1 year anniversary in the AB/DL community. To celebrate, I thought I would share my story and how I came to be as an adult baby. But before that, I just wanted to say thank you to every member on this site, for helping me accept who I truly am and making me comfortable in my own skin.

    My story:

    Really young in my life, I remember I really enjoyed diapers. Obviously being 20 now I canít say I remember it too clearly. But I do know that I enjoyed being put into diapers. I even remember when I was being potty trained, if I had an accident I would be forced to wear a diaper for a day. My mom quickly realized that I would have an, ďaccident,Ē just because I liked the diapers. However I remember that I always used to sneak and find her emergency pack of diapers she kept for me and try to wear them. Another thing I used to love, whenever I had a babysitter I used to purposely go in my pants because then they would put me in a diaper without any questions asked. Since then my mind has never been free of the want and desire to wear diapers.

    When I turned 7 I was blessed with a baby sister. Before I even saw her at the hospital I knew this meant one thing: diapers will be in the house. I was a clever kid you see. Before she was born whenever I went over my cousinsí house or a relative or friend with a baby still in diapers. I would sneak into the babyís room and put one or two diapers down my pants and sneak them home. After I was put to bed, I would sneak out of my bed and wear the diapers and even use them. I remember putting them under a bunch of trash to throw them out. Donít ask me how my memory is this good but I remember it. Iím sure my Mom and Dad knew but I guess they thought it would wear out eventually. It didnít.

    So when my sister finally came home stealing and using her diapers became a norm. I know my parents didnít know I was doing it because I remember them often being puzzled by the fact there were diapers missing. I became pro at stealing/using/and throwing them away incognito. Eventually, I realized as a 7 or 8 year old I shouldnít be doing it. It hit me when I had a friend over one day. My friend and I were hanging out in my room when he wanted to see my stuff. No problem. Then I had this box with a lock on it that my mom had given me. That is where I stored my stash of two or three diapers for next use. He asked what was in there and I froze up and told him boring pictures. Thankfully he accepted that and we moved on from it. But I remember after he left that was the last time for a while I stole or used diapers.

    It wasnít until middle school; the seventh grade in particular did my want for diapers came back. I even remember what sparked it. I was thirteen years old, so roughly it had had been five years since I had last even considered diapering. I had grown quite a bit and had a fairly normal life, apart from the constant annoyingness because I had ADHD and they still had no clue what it was but thatís beside the point. I was at a New Years Eve party at my cousinís house. I had gotten a baby cousin about a year ago so he was just nearing the end of his diaper wearing. I donít know why but when I went in his room and saw them it hit me. I want to wear them. I didnít know why. The first chance I got I snuck in took a few and hid them till I got home. I used them, and I felt awesome. The need didnít end there though. I wanted diapers so bad after that, I started taking my old pairs of underwear, and using them like diapers. Now just to reassure I had a lot of underwear that my mom and I were supposed to throw out but never did. So it was okay that I was essentially destroying them. I remember I used to go in the bathroom and use them then throw them away. It was the closest thing I had. After a while I stopped and thought, ďWhat the hell am I doing?Ē That was the end of it.

    High school came a few years later; I remember there was just one day where I made another underwear diaper. I felt horrified with what I was doing so that was the end of that. I never put any research into what I did to see if there were any other people like me. Itís mostly because I was completely denying it. It wasnít until my second year of college, August 11, 2012 to be exact. Where one day this constant want, this constant thinking about being in diapers and this constant thing in the back of my head took a toll on me and I needed to research it to see if there were any other people like me. I did a search for adults wearing diapers. Did not accomplish much just got some weird things about it. I then found the term AB/Dl on reddit, and I quickly learned what it meant. Then I found abdl tumblrs, abdl websites, abdl merchandise, and the king of them all. Once I came across that, I was in love. I felt like I finally understood who I was and what I had craved my whole life. I felt like so much stress and so much fear that I was the only one with the want to wear diapers finally came to an end. I quickly learned that an adult diaper was sold at Wal-Mart called Depends: Protection with Tabs and I went out and bought 2 Packs. Never in my life have I been happier to fasten something to my body. I finally had the desire I had longed for and wanted my whole life fulfilled. The best part was, I wasnít the only one.

    A year later and today I have graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Film. I now live in central NJ perusing my dream of photography, oh and I happen to have a massive stash of adult diapers. In the past year I have tried just about every major adult diaper that this big community loves, from Depends to Fabines from Molicares to Cuddlz. I own about 120 diapers at the moment; I also live at home with my parents so that limits my diaper intake. My favorite diapers are Molicare Super Plus and Bambino Teddies. I also love goodnites because I can wear them under my underwear everyday or even use them as a stuffer. I love my lifestyle, and I love using and wearing my diapers. In a year I have made the transition from being a DL to a full on AB. I love pacifiers, bottles, stuffies, and soon I will even have some clothing. A year ago I was a hardcore DL, now I crave the adult baby merch and I couldnít be happier. <3

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    Great story! Glad you have come into your own!

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    Glad you found adisc. I never took diapers from family tho It was all I could do to hold my self back. My earliest memories I was told that diapers where for babies and I had to quit using them. I miss under stood my mom about potty training, (I thought that after I was potty trained if I didn't like it I could go back) after I was potty trained for awhile, I asked to go back into diapers, she was shocked and asked why? I just ran into my room and cried, nothing was ever said. After that I ignored diapers until in first grade or kindergarten not sure wich at the lunch table, one kid had a baby sister or brother, and said don't you wish you could wear diapers some times? amazingly almost every one agreed-ed. tho they ofc probably didn't really mean it, it was enough to make me start thinking about them again as not being something bad I should stay away from.I made make shifts with toilet paper for years. Later some where around 9-12 I googled it, found out what it was called. I looked at the communities back then didn't trust any so stayed out. I would just look up all the different diapers and day dream about one day getting them. One day I'd have to look to find closer date, but around 14-16 I bought a diaper in a walmart bathroom. since then I've been getting diapers hear and there from stores when I can. I found adisc and looked around for awhile, read the rules and was amazed that there was finally a good tb/ab site so I joined. Since then I've felt allot better about this side of me; I can't imagine not having adisc.

    Sorry for such long post, I wanted to compare stories. Mine ofc tho will be full of grammar errors, sorry for that.

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