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    So i'm assuming that this may, hopefully be off-topic. Because it's gamer talk, or such. But if anyone didn't know, A good game. That has a huge like beyond huge base. For.... I wouldnt say ABDL, in the pleasurable sense, as i know alot of people do tend to use it in a pleasurable sense, Please don't question what i mean by that. An if you understand i'm glad, Let's carry on. But the game i'm speaking of is IMVU, I'm not trying to advertise it. I hope i don't get in trouble for that, As i'm not meaning to. But this game has a huge base around abdl. Where you can be adopted etc. I guess, it's not exactly what.... would be the meaning of abdl. In the sense of what iv'e seen an read. But it's very similar. An iv'e gotten rather addicted to it. I'll admit. It's a very unique game. At first glance though i was a bit.... "No" Lmfao, i tried it 4-5 years ago, an did not like it at all. I tried it again about 2 weeks ago. An now i'm hung onto it. It couldof been due to graphics 4-5 years ago. Or something, I'm a very picky person. But does anyone else play it, Or perhaps know any other games similar to such meanings. I mean i thought it was incredibly cool, An i think it'd be fun to have many people with the interest in which i have on there.

    Though strictly an promisingly the rules of that game banned ""Abdl"" but not exactly. When i say banned, they mean the sick side of abdl, Or what i'd like to think as the somewhat sick side. Which brings to the pleasurable, Which i won't get into detail. But basically you understand, It's not fully banned, It's only if you do that type of thing. As there are underaged players on there, but age limit is 13+ but mostly only 16+ play. An the community is based around 18+, Again i'm also not advertising it, i just thought it'd be great to tell people about this.

    I currently don't know if anyone has made a post about this, an if they had. It doesn't technically specifically cancel's out there post. Or is not a repost. Because it's completely different. Though an second, Please understand, i don't want to have offended anyone. An when i said "Pleasurable" I know some people may have gotten offended to this.

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    IMVU isn't necessarily a game but a 3D chatting application with micro transactions I assume. Second Life is more of a game to me and even that I don't really consider all too much of a video game. Plus if the people running IMVU had issues with abdl content in the past and anyone over the age of 13 I wouldn't advise anyone going around telling random people they wear diapers or represent it in the avatar.

    Also we're all over 18, I think most of us know what you mean by "in the pleasurable sense". Trying to beat around the bush isn't helping it sound any-less weird, perverted, etc. The fact is, you shouldn't of felt the need to bring up a issue like that at all, its a 3D chatting program for anyone over 13 (maybe even younger) and if people need to be told not to act sexually then their a freaking idiot.

    Lastly as a friendly tip there are sub-fourms. One of them in off-topic is Computers & Games.

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