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    I'm sure this will probably not be the most popular post I've ever made and I'm more than sure most will disagree with me wholeheartedly, but to that I say, you all have more than right to do so.

    Honestly, from an adult prospective, I love my adult life and I love being able to do adult things and be a productive human being. I love being able to make my own decisions, being old enough to do things I couldn't do as a minor and understanding things better as I get older.

    All this being said: In my heart of hearts, this is how I really "feel" inside.

    1. If there was a care taker who wanted me as his/her newborn/infant/toddler for the rest of my natural life, I don't know that I could turn it down.

    2. If there was an easy procedure such as taking a pill to be instantly incontinent; if I were disabled and didn't have to subject others to my constant odor, I'd probably take it.

    3. If an institution wanted me as some guinea pig "adult baby study," which meant the constant treatment of a real newborn/infant/toddler, 24/7 diaper wearing and being doped up to the eyeballs, drooling and looking at toys in wonder as if it were my first time all over again; I'd probably jump to the chance.

    Here's what I'm trying to say, while it's not the most popular (or sane for that matter) realistic attitude to have towards our "fantasy", I can't help to play devils advocate and say "fuck it, I'd do it in a heart beat."

    Funny thing is, I already know the outcome and once I've been into it for, I don't know, a day, a month or even a year, I'd tire of it all and long for my current life back. So, if I already know this, why the hell do I hold it in my heart as if it were some kind of actual goal I have in life?

    Anyone ever get this way?

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    I don't think that they would have to dope my up for AB study, I'm more comfortable as a little person. But each of us is different. I couldn't go 24/7 as a baby but most of the time would be nice. There still things I ned to do as adult.

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    You know the old saying, the grass always looks greener on the other Seriously, that's why they call this fantasy. Reality sucks and i think that's why we crave escapism....everyone does, just in different ways. You are right though, I think we would all eventually miss the awesome stuff (albeit few) that exist IRL. It could become problematic if you were to spend too much time in dreamland though.....a recipe for depression.

    Smile, I do like some of your scenarios however

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    The idea sounds more appealing than it would probably be for me. I'd get bored pretty quickly as baby play doesn't really entertain me. But, throw in some video games and books and I could do some time as a full-time kid.

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    The newborn/infant/toddler was sorta my personal thing, but lets say, we expand it all the way up to 17 years of age. This way we are still minors and depended on adult for everything legal; books, video games, cartoons, everything "childhood" from diapers to puberty is on the table now, this way everyone is included. Have you ever fantasized about being your ideal age for the rest of your days, although common sense and/or sanity screams otherwise?

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    I'll still stick with the toddler group , don't ever want to see my teen years again.

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    Actually, I'm kind of the other way around - I question myself that if there was a magical medicine to take to get rid of my baby side, if I would take it. I lean towards yes. At least in this point in time. It would simply be easier for me if I wasn't an ab.

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    I hear you 100% KimbaStarshine! I've often thought that way myself from time to time, as I don't bother to do things such as "purge", because I know I'm just going to end right back up in diapers like a nymphomaniac trying to become asexual. Often times almost giving myself an ultimatum, such as, ether I want to live my life as a one year old or please release me from these feelings altogether. As said before, I get these feelings, almost as strong as one who goes out to "be" something in life and stops at nothing to gain their accomplishments, only there is nothing to be accomplished, because it isn't real. I "KNOW" this, but I "Feel" differently.

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    I think I'd be happiest around 10-11, and in diapers 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    Actually, I'm kind of the other way around - I question myself that if there was a magical medicine to take to get rid of my baby side, if I would take it. I lean towards yes. At least in this point in time. It would simply be easier for me if I wasn't an ab.
    Despite having parents who at the very least try to be accepting or understanding, this thought has crossed my mind many times. I don't think I want it totally gone now, I just wish I could remove the DL aspect or not have to deal with it while I'm changing or wake up.

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