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    Default sissy/ little girl facebook

    just wonder do people have facebook accouts for there sissy/little girl side?

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    I do have a facebook account to receive but not to send.
    I don't use it for fear that someone coming across it would get the wrong ideas of my fashion freedom life style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistysummers View Post
    just wonder do people have facebook accouts for there sissy/little girl side?
    If you replace AB/DL with Sissy/LG... in the following quote, I would ask you to reconsider...pretty much anything that you do on facebook, and similar sites...

    Quote Originally Posted by Moo
    I do not understand why anyone would use FB for AB/DL stuff.
    AB/DLs face discrimination at times. Why tie your real name to something that may trigger discrimination against you?

    More generally, FB scares me. They're the spear tip of the movement to push people to use real names online.
    The right to use a pseudonym to protect one's privacy is really big component of what privacy is, and they're actively trying to relegate it to history.

    Frankly, I am both surprised and saddened that groups with so much to lose, like AB/DLs, are so willing to use FB.

    Just be very careful...please!

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    I had two FB account about 6 months ago. One I had since 2007 for my normal me. Well anyway, I never had much interest in FB because the person who invited me to start, before I had a chance to learn about it, that person started putting things on my page. Then I started my second account for my AB/DL sissy me in an attempt to gain interest. It was way busier than the first account. I posted my girlie and DL pics to but it did not help. I deleted both accounts. Now I have a new FB account this week and gaining interest this time. I am thinking strongly about one for my sissy side now, but waiting till I really know for sure about my new "first" account.

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    I am very careful of what I post on Facebbok. Was in an AB/DL group there and all the freaks were attracted to us, we had to shut the page down. You can trust Facebook only as far as you can throw an Elephant.

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    One thing is you only left room for guessing what happened. If the freaks are that way why even let them be on your friends list? One not on my list and saying things inappropriate when I was there, I saw one blocked then another, then I blocked that one. We never heard another word out of that one.

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    Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google-plus, etc...

    A continuance...

    danah boyd | apophenia “Real Names” Policies Are an Abuse of Power

    Just more FYI,

    I don't trust those sites for safety...any farther than I could throw an elephant, too...

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    I don't trust them myself, or any site for that matter or web pages. Be it Google Yahoo MSN AOL, ect. I also have always noticed over time on many places, the warnings against posting any personal information. Then Google has this thing about wanting real names instead of aliases.

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