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Thread: What a disgrace...

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    I think that it will be a good movie, but as a dragon ball Z fan, it's not the same. *sigh*

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    I don't see whats wrong with it. They said they were making a live action dragon ball movie and they did exactly that.

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    what the hell was that?
    First of all, with the little plot that they actually took from the show, it's apparently starting at the very beginning of the Dragonball series. So. Why is Goku not a kid? and why is Bulma not a kid? secondly? 7 mystics creating the dragonballs? They could of just put Kami the god of the Earth creating the dragonballs and Piccolo splitting from him before that and having a desire to destroy the planet that he hates. But no... Instead of using the good plot already before them they just put. "7 mystics." Out of no where. Also. Where is Goku's tail? That is absolutely crucial to the Dragonball storyline. This looks like it could have actually missed out on more plot and facts than the movie Eragon did in comparison to the book...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I don't see whats wrong with it. They said they were making a live action dragon ball movie and they did exactly that.
    With what they have, it's like no Dragonball thing I would even imagine

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    There's people crying that Goku is being played my a white kid. My question to every dragonball fan is what human race is Goku?

    oh that's right he's not even human at all!

    As for the movie not being what you wanted, did you just want them to rip off every episode word for word while filming it in live action? Also I am pretty sure they will start with them as kids but they will do a montage of them growing up.

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    Well, yeah he's played by a white guy...But when you think of the anime, you think asians...But that's not really why I think it will be bad...The fights look pretty lame...The acting doesn't look that great...And I'd like some of the guys to look at least somewhat like their anime counterparts...Like Roshi and Bulma...Roshi is supposed to be really old...This one looks like he's maybe in his late 40's...Bulma also has blue hair...But this one doesn't look much like her, and they seem to have a lot of weapons in this...In the anime, they main used their fists, while Goku has his pole thing, and Bulma might have had a gun...It just doesn't feel right

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    You and me have already discussed this, but once again I'd just like to say:

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