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Thread: swimming in diapers

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    Default swimming in diapers

    I went swimming in a Tranquility ATN diaper for the first time

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    LOL, Where? In a pool, a pond a stream? Was anyone with you? How much did it swell up on you? Did it burst on you? When you got out of the water, was it sagging to the point of falling off?

    Details son, details! LOL

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    in a pool with my friend and it was at dark and they didn't know that i was wearing a diaper. it swelled up sooo much and it almost bursted and yea it almost fell off

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    Be... carefull..... If those become unstable due to capacity... they will go BOOOOOM! The explosion could give you away. Very sketchy stuff.

    [curiosity: how the heck does one go swimming in a pool padded without friends noticing?? I am perhaps missing out on something.]

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    If it exploded you could have done damage to the filters/cleaning system. Really not a good idea.

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    I have a pool in my house so I've tested a few things out. First off, plastic pants will eventually spring a leak and flood a diaper inside. You do not want to have a disposable in there (I've not tried it, but I've seen other blowups where these have gotten unnaturally wet).
    Even a cloth diaper will eventually become completely saturated if you move around much in the water. The whole purpose of the swim diapers is they don't have much absorbency (nobody really cares about urine in the pool), the idea is to contain the fecal matter. Even that is dubious. I've got one of the rather pricey containment briefs but because of their greatly optimistic sizing, it's too small for me by about two sizes I estimate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    I have a pool in my house...
    Whaaaaaaat?! And you haven't invited us all over already?! Come on guys! Pool party at willnotwill's house! Woooo!

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    I use a cloth diaper & plastic pants under my swim trunks.

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