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    I ordered some Abena M4s (two packs) last week and the tracking never moved from the original shipping location. I contacted and according to their records, the shipment was lost. They proceed to put another order in for me and although they said it would be here this Tuesday (this was just this past Thursday by the way), I got the package the very next day. So I go to the post office looking for some other adult baby related items to come in today and low-n-behold, the lost package of diapers show up.

    I was going to keep them, but I was afraid that the tracking would give me up and they'd double charge my account. Therefore I did the right thing and gave them a call to let them know I finally received the diapers. Once I got off the phone with them, I couldn't help but feel like a sucker for actually calling them and telling them I got the package after all (I'm sure that's probably what the lady on the other end was thinking anyway).

    Would it have been right to shut my trap and keep the diapers? Ether way they are going back, so this is more or less just an after thought.

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    You did the right thing. they would have tracked the shipment down and charged you double.

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    Even if they didn't, it's bad karma.

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    Thank you both and trust me, if anyone knows anything about Karma, I'd be the poster boy.

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    You absolutely did the right thing. I imagine the employee who told you the order was lost made a mistake. If not them, a mistake was clearly made. You may have saved them grief at work or any possible consequences as a result of that error. Good for you

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    The same thing happened to a bluetooth headset I ordered off newegg once. The package never arrived and newegg was about to ship a replacement last in stock, but then the original finally arrived.

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    Seems like a similar thing may be happening with my bambinos because on the tracking site it said they delivered on aug 5 but were somehow "unable to". It said 1:50 but I was definitely at home. Hope I get them soon before I set out for college.

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    Doing the right thing always pay off. Some people call this karma, I beleive it's just cause and effect.

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