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    hello all uhh so im suposeto introduce myself my name is shuu but u can call me chouchou (it means butterfly) either way is fine my friend recomended this site so i joined... then forgot my pasword and forgot i had an acout till recently i found out i did so umm hello everyone ask what u like and ill answer

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    Is your friend a member ?

    What do you like to do, related to the site, and IRL?

    Did you get any snow this week?

    What's your favorite___________?

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Welcome! I hope you have fun

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    yes its Diaperdei XD hes my buddy uhh i like in texas XD it wont snow here for a while good things to im to skinny for snow x.x i turn into a popsickle uhh favorite uhh drink is big red but Dei-chan wont let me drink it cause im alergic to it uhh i wear diapers and things and have my paci with me at all times XD and thank you

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    The nice people in south louisiana got 3-5 inches of snow yesterday, and we got ZERO in north la. Lucky them.

    Pacis are awesome, many ppl here have them (go fig.). Mine's plain white and sits next to the bed.


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    i has two i think. i might have more but idk i forget where i put them if i do XD and byebyes

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    fianally you make your first post here lol

    lets see what can i ask you...wait i know evreything about you D:

    oh well welcome to the site :3

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    u know most everything not everything not even i know everything about me x.x and lol thank u baby XD

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    Sorry not welcome here, too many texans joining recently need some more mid atlantic people. Nah just playing!

    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Awwe, Eclipse. That's so mean!
    Oh well, I'm not origionally from Texas.
    Welcome ChouChou.

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    hi butterfly. hope you enjoy the community here and try not to fly away so soon next time :P

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