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    I recently read on this webpage that a guy in NYC made a dumpster into a small house. Granted he bought it brand new (which means it had never been used) and turned it into a tiny house complete with electric and water.

    Here's the link to the story if you'd like to :
    Artist turns a dumpster into a cozy home

    That got me thinking, what other objects or items have you heard or read about that people have turned into homes or houses? Post pics if you can, I'd love to see what some of you guys find!

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    There's actually two of them I've stumbled across myself, and they've blown my mind when I found out about them.

    First, there are new/used shipping containers used as homes. These are the ones that hold goods as they go via barge over the seas. shipping-container-house

    The second one is whats called a "tiny house" which is basically a normal sized shed that is turned into a home. little-shed-house

    I've even heard of a couple that bought an old school bus and converted it into a mobile apartment. Talk about recycling.

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    If people put their minds to it, there are many thing that would pass as a house. Some the Ice Shanties that they use for fishing in the winter here in MI could pass has a home.

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    I cant find a pic of it online, which is odd. But there is a guy who used an airplane as an addition to his home here in Tacoma Washington.

    Its not done awesome, but has been here at least 20 years that i recall. I should snap a pic of it, its like a trashy tacoma landmark.

    As well, there is a guy just up my road who used those giant shipping containers in his houses construction. putting two of them, stacked on top of eachother, on two sides of his home, then built a big deck over them. I wonder if he finished off their interiors? Its a cool idea none the less.

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    This has been many years ago but I read a magazine article about a couple who bought two old steel railroad boxcars, put them together in an "L" shape, and made a home out of them. It was somewhere in West Virginia and they had a clean creek running right by their boxcar home which supplied water for drinking, bathing, and washing clothes via scrub bucket.


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    Here is a slide show from a yahoo news article showcasing several different places now converted into homes. The remodel job on some of these made them look down right cozy!

    Homes converted from a jail, a train, a church and more

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    I always enjoy the program Extreme Homes when it's shown on HGTV. They come up with a lot of good ones. I've railroad cabooses, old service stations, old school houses
    just to name a few. Also they've come up with some real weird custom builds to fit into the terrain where there built.

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    That dumpster house is pretty neat. But I'd much rather have the camper for the money spent. lol

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    Bruce Campbell's Airplane Home.

    I've been thinking of trying to do something like this.

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