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    Default Under the Dome

    Okay, I've been spilling my guts out on other threads about religion, gay rights, and a lousy childhood!

    In the interests of preserving my sanity, and changing the topic, I just wanted to hear if anyone else is watching Under the Dome. I love this show even though I'm not a huge fan of Stephen King.

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    I enjoyed the book, however, I wouldn't rank it among my favorites. I plan to watch the show eventually. My parents are into it. I'm a Stephen King fan, mostly for his short stories, and The Dark Tower series.

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    I was a huge fan of the book, but I have not caught the show yet. I will, but I got back from Europe a few weeks ago with 100 hours backed up on my DVR (and new stuff coming on every week). I'm down to 45 hours. "Under the Dome" is coming...

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    My wife watches it. It airs on Mondays here in the states, or at least in Wisconsin. I work every Monday and always miss it. I saw the previews of it on commercials before season 1 started. It looked really cool! I guess having never watched any of it, and only having seen a few clips from a commercial, I have a few questions. What is the dome? How did it appear? Is it air based or ground based? Is it alien technology or human technology gone awry?

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    Ive really enjoyed the show so far. Im not a big Steven King fan, but that wont deter me. Ive watched all the episodes so far, have found them enjoyable. I like the cast they chose, also enjoyed that they included some gay characters.

    Im certain to keep watching the show to see how it goes.

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    I love this show and it is really good. Sad that is in two season, season 2 next summer. I like how in the inttro, they keep showing their best special effect(or their only major one anyway) and I find it amusing, yet gross.

    But yes. I do enjoy this and Falling skies a lot.

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    You won't like the TV show if you've read the book. The TV show is nothing like the book. In fact, it's so different that they should have changed the names of the characters, because they aren't all accurate or like the book characters. Dodee is an MC on the radio show as is Chef, and Chef is quite charming and sane. They must have paid Steven King a lot of money for him to allow them to completely rewrite his book. I sort of like the TV story, but it's completely different with very different personalities assigned to the original characters. I wouldn't let anyone do that to my novel.

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    From the 2 episodes I've seen (the first 2) it resonates strongly enough with his 90s' TV miniseries work. There were parts of "The Stand" that weren't the same as the book and too many people didn't complain about that. Virtually every written novel comes out differently onscreen

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    Yes, I have been watching it and being an avid SK reader, the book is much more better than the TV show. It is getting interesting. I see they already have a season 2 scheduled for 2014 which baffles me, unless they have another dome touch down somewhere. Also, if any of you want to discuss SK's work, I started a group a few months ago: Stephen King Hope to see you there!

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    Well King did love how they changed the end of the Mist, so I am sure he doesn't mind here.

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