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Thread: gaia online

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    Default gaia online

    i know this is apretty popular game . so i was wondering who played it

    cylenri < thats my username. whats yours?

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    saucekaylol <-- I don't go on much anymore though, but I'm on every once in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deidara_desu View Post
    saucekaylol <-- I don't go on much anymore though, but I'm on every once in a while.
    What kind of sauce is that?? Is it spicy?

    I, too, am curious about the gaia online. 'sup wit that?

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    its just one of those big open games. meet freinds play minigames. earn gold . bla bla bla. except it has one of the largest charecter custimization abilities ever

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    What's the graphics style?

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    My username is Miss Nikkie.

    Gaia is an anime chat site that happens to have mini games and now their own free MMO. If you like anime you might wanna check it out.

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    i am Shuu the elegant warrior XD add me please

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    On Gaia, I am known as Precise Laziness. I spend most of my time in the word games.

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