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Thread: Stuffer Wars- Baby Diapers vs. Adult Guards/Inserts

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    Default Stuffer Wars- Baby Diapers vs. Adult Guards/Inserts

    Yes, I did use the search function so I apologize if this has been discussed before but I'm still new here, and I couldn't find a topic that addresses this.

    From a cost/benefit standpoint, what works better? Currently I use the Depend for Men pads, but sometimes I use more than one per diaper, especially overnight as I am a heavy wetter. Is there a baby/toddler diaper that would work as good or better that cost less than the adult boosters? Is it six or 1/2 dozen?

    Again, sorry if this is refried. Thanks!

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    Has this been so done to death that nobody is willing to type out an answer?

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    Well, adult protection and baby diapers are both pretty expensive. I've used Poise pads for stuffers before and they hold a lot (if you use the highest absorbancy which i think is called Ultimate), maybe slightly more than a Pampers size 6 (my other choice of stuffer) They are both pretty expensive and I think they hold close to the same amount so I would say its whatever you prefer. I personally prefer baby diapers.....just because of the babyishness

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    From what I've seen here, the majority who use baby diapers as stuffers appear to do so because they like the smells, looks, etc., of baby diapers, not because they've compared the two and found that baby diapers were better. Baby diapers also have the disadvantage of having to be modified in order to be used as stuffers; you have to cut slits in them, and cutting the elastic helps too (IMO). I would suggest that if you're concerned primarily with function, and are already ordering diapers online, you'll have an easier life if you simply order adult boosters also.

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    i find that cheap baby plastic back diapers work best, plus there more leak gurads that way, and if you use the cheapst baby diapers, its cheaper, who would have thought :P

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    Is that how some of you achieve getting the extra bulky bulge that makes hiding use of a diaper rather difficult.
    This is of course a fantasy when wearing a short skirt/dress showing off a bulging diaper that can't be ignored.

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