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    Default Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Any fans? I've been a fan for 8 years now, so since I was 13.

    I'm only familiar with the movies (all 4), the '03 series, and the '12 series. If you're a fan, please tell me which series you are familiar with..because in this universe of fandom you have so many! Cartoons, movies, live action, games, etc etc.

    Just wanting to see if there are any bigger TMNT fans than me or just fans in general.

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    Sorry, but I have not watched. Put on some coyote/roadrunner cartoons and I'll be watching for hours.

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    *starts singing (all loud and off-key), "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes in a half-shell. Turtle Power!"*
    I likes me some turtles. My preference is for the original cartoon(s) and the series of movies from "back in the day". I'm not a big fan of the futuristic stuff on the newer cartoons and I dunno what they are gonna do, on the movie that's supposed to be released next year. I hope they don't make the turtles all creepy looking.

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    Well.. i used to be a big fan, but that was around 1991. I loved the movies (yes even the 3rd one), really enjoyed the cool cartoon of the era. I tried to watch the new ones but.. i cant get into them, theyre too different.

    I'll stick with the Turtles i love, the old ones.

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    I was a mildly obsessive fan of the Turtles back in the early 90's, but never really got into the movies - I think I've seen the first and third one. Movies often try to reboot things and make them all shiny and epic, and the Turtles movies were no exception to this. I did watch some of the episodes from the '03 series and thought they were pretty decent - mostly because they seemed grittier, and made for college students who wanted to reminisce about their early teens without watching a show geared towards early teenagers. The same can be said for the '03 reboot of Masters of the Universe, which I also enjoyed for much the same reasons - grittier, darker and with complex storylines geared toward young adults rather than kids.

    I wish they could leverage that rich universe and make a wonderful open-world game - both of these ancient franchises would benefit from this sort of interactive treatment.

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    I was a huge fan of the original series back in the day. But of the episodes I've seen I like the '03 version better--because it is a little darker and grittier. They did a tv-movie where the turtles crossed over from the 90's series and the 03 series, along with the original comic book series. It was really cool because they played off of the differences between the universes. I haven't had a chance to check out the new series yet.

    As for the movies, I probably watched the first one upwards of 50 times when I was a kid, and the latest one TMNT is pretty good, too. I can't wait until my son is a little older so we can watch them together.

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    Like every other kid in 1989-'91, I loved the original cartoon series and the first two movies. It was weird watching the first movie the first time, though, since Shredder was so much darker of a character in the movies. He was basically comic fodder in the cartoon, as was every cartoon villain in the 1980s, but he was legitimately a villain in the movies.

    I haven't watched any of the newer stuff. I tend to treat modern reboots of things I loved as a kid with considerable suspicion, as I fear they're going to trash the thing I loved before or just be a pale imitation that tries too hard. Besides that, I don't watch a lot of anything these days. Who knows, though? The characters were sufficiently defined and the universe sufficiently flexible that it might be possible for someone to pick it up and run with it.

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