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Thread: New Report Ties Rumsfield To Torture

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    Default New Report Ties Rumsfield To Torture
    I thought this was going to be a usual government he said, she said, but that was until i saw that it was a joint report with McCain backing it.
    now considering that it is pretty substantial (and given how hardcore McCain is against torture, for obvious reasons) for this to be said especially with no one just doing it for political gain, do you think that it will come of something or just be swept up under the rug and forgotten about?
    i, for one, think it's just going to be the same old song and dance. nothing will happen.

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    I think ultimately the report doesn't really say anything new, it makes the assertion that, at the end of the day, the actions of the military leadership is, at least in part, responsible for the actions of those serving below them. However, one of the strongest assertions against Mr. Rumsfield as far as direct responsibility is the approval given for aggressive interrogation measures on December 2nd, 2002. In the initial mention of this the Executive Summary notes that 6 weeks later, well before the abuse at Abu Ghraib, Rumsfield revoked his authorization. It seems like the blame is then placed not because of a tone set with the initial memo, and that soldiers felt that even with the later retraction they were being encouraged to use more "aggressive" measure. An important note here is that while I think it is clear the Bush administration felt that we needed to be aggressive in our efforts to gather information, and that, furthermore, the people we captured who were not following the minimum standards of the Geneva Conventions shouldn't be granted its protections, I do not feel that any of the information put forward so far leads to the conclusion that the Bush administration actually knowingly encouraged the despicable behavior that occurred at Abu Ghraib.

    As far as what should be done, I don't think this report implicates anyone new in a crime, only notes that the blame for the actions of subordinates should be shared by their commanders. As such I think all that will happen is there will be a few news articles, and then this report will join the thousands of other congressional reports which will be analyzed by historians and political scientists in due course.

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    so what you're stating is that Rumsfield said 'sure, go ahead and torture!' and then had a change of heart, per se?
    and i can see how this article doesn't directly say who's to blame. no real news articles ever say that anymore concerning high profile cases. too much litigation

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