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    Here's one for everyone out there how do you handle diapers and work? I work in a very industrial enviroment a dried fruit factory to be exact and due to the unpredictable nature of my condition (IBS) I have taken to wearing 24\7. My question is this. Anyone got any tips on changing and disposing of changes and trying to be discreet with it all?

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    Changing is stalls is always tricky. For disposing, I always cared plastic grocery with me to but the used diaper into.

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    That's something you may need too discuss with your HR dept about your condition and needs. That is a situation they need to be made aware of in case you have an accident and be able to take
    care of it without offending any of your coworkers. Since it's a medical condition you have. It's also a health and safety issue that needs to be addressed with your employer.

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    Work, like anywhere else, is an individual thing. I, for example, am a high school teacher. My biggest concern re: work is leaking. I am terrified of that, for I don't want to be caught by my kids. And I have just found out that my schedule this year does not allow me any realistic changing break for the first four periods of the day. (In a pinch I may be able to slip out of a supervisory in third period.) Bottom line: this will affect my choice of diapers for the morning, and that choice will likely be a more absorbent kind such as M4's or at the very least Tena Slip Maxis. Changing in most of our women's rooms is not hard, and there are full sized garbage cans to deposit the diaper afterwards. (If we ever switch to blow dryers I'm up the creek.) The single-stall room I'd be using third period, OTOH, might be a problem: total privacy, yes, but no large garbage can in there.

    Well, I'll work it out just as I did last spring. But as to being discreet, that is a matter of working very hard to time tapes to flushes. :-) And being female helps: a purse can hold a lot...and mine holds more than most. I found a large one with two inner zippered sections, the second one being so securely tucked away that I have twice now surrendered my bag for inspection entering stadiums or museums and, though they looked inside, they have not noticed the second section. Men do not have that luxury.

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    As said- HR being involved is more and more a not only valid option- it's arguably becoming a mutual protection. Jokes about protection aside of course :}

    I've had IBS since my teens and the wicked cruelty tendencies of others taught me more concealment skills than most females had to have about periods. Things like developing that "look in the mirror to see if something shows" reflex.. And backpacks/book bags etc as a constant companion so it's NEVER a flag issue. I'd used the belted pads before discovering Stayfree etc and yes- Tampons were a truly life changing thing for me. Pursettes having the no inserter smallness made hiding them a wonder. NO- they are so NOT a viable option for many IBS folks as yeah- that Irritable part makes wearing them often anything but comfy or even possible for our needs.

    But- that extra few moments of get to the toilet time they sometimes gave me has been priceless in it being a pad or diaper etc change VS a full shower needed accident!

    Lately- I use washable protective undies with washable booster pads that I keep in a double ziplock, It's not a fraction the horrid as one might fear compared to an "unprotected" incident and after getting used to the processes- it's rather more comfy than disposables for skin condition etc. Which leads to the consideration of Velcro AIOs that don't need a full pants removal/not a one shot or they fail to stick as with disposables. The largish double ziplocking method makes a change&take home for laundry more viable.

    One strategy I used when travelling before getting green with the cloth undie systems was to use pads and/or liners in the disposable protective underwear.

    That way- a trivial drippie or leak mess was handled by a pad/liner change but a blowout was contained. So- even if it did warrant a washrag cleanup plus new undies- it was still "Less Frequent" as KNOWING I would be safe if I lost control seems to give me more control if that makes sense?

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    I work in the building trades and own my own business which does make my life easier than working to someone else's clock. Those of you with IBS certainly have my respect. I have urinary incontinence and find that a backpack with ziplock extra large bags and also stocked with opaque shopping bags helps. If I change in a stall I use a shopping bag to conceal a used diaper when I come out. If there's no garbage then it goes in a shopping bag and then a ziplock to help it travel home without any incident. I agree with the others about talking to HR if you're in a set schedule / factory style environment.

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    I discussed my medical situation with my manager and HR arranged access to a disabled bathroom for me. It's lockable and only I have the key (aside from cleaners & maintenance staff) so I can leave my stuff in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    I discussed my medical situation with my manager and HR arranged access to a disabled bathroom for me. It's lockable and only I have the key (aside from cleaners & maintenance staff) so I can leave my stuff in there.
    Good to hear you were able to work things out. Dealing with IC of any kind and work is some times very difficult.

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    Downtide, thanks for the update. That must be a big relief having had the situation work out as well as it did.

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    Yeah I am still trying to decide if I should tell me Hr. So far I have managed it okay without any problems. I just have to work a diaper change into my breaks. Other than that when I come out of the bathroom with my backpack I just say I was changing my socks so my feet could stay dry. Last night could have been akward though. I didn't realize that my shirt had pulled up and the waistband of my diaper, a bambino bianco was sticking out when I took off my lab coat. I don't think anyone noticed thankfully.

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