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Thread: IC and AB

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    Default IC and AB

    Something that EPO1 said in a thread somewhere else made me wonder. The topic under discussion was a new diaper that can apparently hold an absurd five liters of liquid (as if anyone really needs a diaper that can hold that much liquid).

    His comment pointed out that absurdity as well as the equally absurd claim that this "feature" made the diaper ideal for the incontinent community. Which incontinent people, he wondered aloud, would want such a thing? He went on to explain (to an audience that included both IC's and non-IC's) that in his opinion such a diaper might be of interest to AB's but not to IC's, as it would be entirely impractical due to its thickness, its weight when full, and the sheer inability of any normal person to use it to that degree anyway (which would result in waste).

    He further stated that he did not think that there were many IC's who were involved in the ABDL community. And that's the part I wanted to ask about.

    I've been pretty open about the fact that, for pretty much all of my life, I have had a fascination with diapers and with being babied. I've explained the reasons and the history of this elsewhere. For most of my adult life, the AB thing has lived as a fantasy (which is where I mostly think it belongs after a certain age, but that's just me). But then...

    Three months ago I quite suddenly but very completely became incontinent. Now my ABDL history has no doubt helped me to accept this much more easily than I might have otherwise and certainly has helped me handle the diapers. And I admit that I do find myself wishing that my husband, who is definitely NOT into the AB thing, would baby me a bit since I'm stuck this way anyway. But (other than wearing some Bambino Teddies I bought on a lark when all of this started) I have not done any role-playing or any such thing. IC is serious; I don't know why it is happening. AB just makes it easier to digest.


    ARE there other IC people who find themselves with AB feelings, either from before they became incontinent (like me) or perhaps from having to wear the diapers themselves and trying to find an emotional outlet?

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    Nope...not now, never have been an AB. Never entertained the thoughts to even try it. Understand it in others, especially women. Just never was in my DNA/wiring. DL, yes. My interest increases if the woman is DL (with or without IC - or for whatever reason she wears and wets). That
    interest and/or fascination in her "DL-ness" majorly trumps any feelings I have just being DL on my own. Yes, to me, it's much more fulfilling when
    shared with a DL woman who wears for her own IC or "DL-ness" or both. That's a bit complicated and selective, I know. What can I say?

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    I guess you could say I came here from the other side of the fence.
    When I met my wife of 37 years I was already IC.
    Many years later when our youngest moved out my wife had a sever dose of empty nest syndrome. Sometime after that I noticed her asking more often if I wanted her to change my diaper. This progressed to the point where one day she openly asked if I would mind being treated as her baby. I'll admit it sort of floored me but this was the love of my life so I told her we could try it.
    Needing more info about AB/DL I ended up here.
    There were a few rough spots that we had to work out but I can truly say I now enjoy our lifestyle.
    It has certainly made it easier to cope with my IC.

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    Not sure about others, but for me I have always had a Baby side of me. Like a Toddler in a big body. It may have started as means of escape from abuse, but be came part of who I am. We hear a lot about role-play but mine as always been different that. I really am a little boy in many ways.

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    I guess there is a strand of the "baby side" in most people - For some of us it is pushed back down and others embrace it welcomingly. A lot of us remain uncommitted or undecided wanting to be fully mature and adult, but harking back to the security and comfort of being little-if we had a good childhood or possibly reliving more traumatic times if we didn't. In a world where we seem constantly to be told "success is everything" and forgiveness is rare, the remembrance of times when we had accidents in our pants/diaper and were nicely cleaned up and told "it doesn't matter honey" can seem very attractive.

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    Not a trace of AB for me; I can think of few things that would make me feel more humiliated than being treated like a baby. However since my IC started I've come to appreciate and enjoy using diapers and I do now consider myself to be a DL as well as IC. So long as the diaper looks "grown up" and clinical, and isn't covered in cutesy prints.

    To answer the original question though, there are plenty of IC people here and just by being on ADISC we are involved, at least to some degree, in the ABDL community. I have found people here to be on the whole friendly and very knowledgeable.

    As for a five litre diaper, I can't possibly imagine how anyone can even fill one from urination alone. My bladder produces around two to two and a half litres in 24 hours, and the thought of sitting in my own waste for two whole days just makes me cringe. I can only imagine that people are pouring extra water into them. I don't even buy Abena M4s because they'd just be wasted.

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    Sign me up for the 5liter diapers I pee alot and heavy. I have been ABDL since I was seven. I was treated like a baby ( fed babyfood slept in a crib and wore diapers) cause I wet the bed and had few daytime accidents till I was seven and I grew to like it except the babyfood. I became incontinent two and a half years ago.

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    As for a 5l diaper...not too interested....

    I use 24/7 or molicare as they fit nice and make it through the nite...

    Now, ab and ic yes!

    I've always been ic...was introduced to ab from a gf many years ago...didn't end well...

    Now, I have some ab time everyday to some degree...I'm wearing my airplane footies right now in bed...

    Sometimes I want more, sometimes less...

    I'm not a full time ab...I usually get that way at nite and trying to relax...

    I enjoy the adult side as well...

    I play bass guitar everyday, keyboards, drums(to a lesser degree after bad foot), watch movies, and general other adult things I like...

    Adult things I don't like, work... I guess that's why it's work, else it would be called fun!

    Anyhow, yes I do like to enjoy a bit of this ab, and it makes things I need to do anyhow less like work too...


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    this is a hard question for me to answer. I have always dealt with severe bladder and bowel incontince so for me, diapers, while taking a long time to accept, have been around my waist since I can remember. When I was 6 years old, I entered the Foster care system which by it self was traumatic but then you add the severe physical and sexual abuse/assault I endured, and then the disabilities, having to wear diapers and being emotionally immature and prone to crying and thumb sucking, my childhood became more traumatic especially with the constant teasing. one day I'm laying in bed in a Foster home and I had just peed and all of a sudden my head took me back to being a baby again and it stuck. that's how I survived. I didn't know anything about abdl at that age. I just knew that being a baby in my head allowed me to be safe and close to my mom again. fast forward to several years ago when I found this site while searching for incontinence support and voila, my feelings had a term and I wasn't the only one like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    Something that EPO1 said in a thread ...

    ARE there other IC people who find themselves with AB feelings, either from before they became incontinent (like me) or perhaps from having to wear the diapers themselves and trying to find an emotional outlet?
    So you hijack my words (you are indeed welcome to do so )

    As you (and others) may know, I myself have been IC for my entire life - and have always wet the bed as well... now I am also a DL to some extend.
    But never had and never will have even the remotest desire to do AB Stuff, to regress, to be babied.
    To me that's like holy water for a demon - it's the exact opposite of what I want.

    However I can with some certainty say, that my IC has indeed had an influence on becoming a DL.
    I guess it was to me initially no more than a coping mechanism born out of various problems during early puberty in combination of a rising self-sexual awareness.

    Now your question "if there are any other folks with IC and who thus have either become an AB or have been an AB before":
    I think people react differently on being confronted with IC - one thing though I believe to be rather universal when we are struck with an out of the ordinary problem we can't "change", is that most will seek for one or another way to "cope".
    Which could lead you to "like diapers" - based on the necessity of having to wear them.

    But I doubt that this is in any way - with the usual exceptions - true for becoming an AB.
    I think to get into that, the tendencies, if latent, would have to be a prerequisite.

    A fetish for a material or a kink can be formed "quickly" once we make a positive - reinforced - (sexually motivated) connection with whatever...
    However the desire to regress can be something rather different in my opinion.
    As kinky as the attire, the toys and diapers can be to most as an "needed accessory" - the act of regressing and wanting to be babied, to be little I guess this has little to do with Incontinence or becoming incontinence.
    Maybe the fact that "suddenly" you have to wear diapers will strengthen those desires or even trigger them if before the IC they were only there on a very latent / subconscious level.
    But if neither of these desires / needs was there from the beginning, I highly doubt that they will none the less come into existence.
    Also consider that most IC people (myself included) would do A LOT to get rid of the IC, to be free of the need to wear diapers, pads or whatever.
    Whilst I have COME TO LIKE my diapers, I still would get a LOT for a real choice and I certainly would not do it 24/7.

    And maybe to shine some light on my own absolute refusal of even the remotest association with myself and AB stuff is simple - or rather why my own dislike (not for others who are ABs! but for the AB stuff in association with myself) is so strong: I often felt during childhood that to some extend my IC made me "little" made me in dependent on others, etc.. and I desperately wanted to be grown up, to be able to make my own decisions about how I handle my IC, if I see a doc, whom I see, what I will do what I will not do, how I dress because of this, etc... all these things most children at one point will question and want to do on their own, I just wanted to be self-reliant, in control, etc. I guess many years before most of my peers.
    by the time I was going to school I was able to change my own diapers -easy enough... by the time I was like 9 I probably would have "killed" anyone who would have wanted to diaper me...
    I moved out when I was like 16ish... Because I wanted to stand on my own legs, not take orders from anyone, be responsible for myself and my own actions.
    And to this very day - almost 20 years later, I am still VERY SELF RELIANT and I LOVE my own responsibility, my free choice, etc... and I'd rather jump of a cliff then to part with that freedom.
    So this is why I have no interest, actually to the contrary in AB stuff, in regressing, etc...

    Again, I need to stress the point that I do NOT look at it as something negative or weird if OTHERS want to do this, if it is what makes you happy... it's just something I can not find the slightest desire for myself.

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