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    Space engine is a beatuiful piece of work. It is a 3D simulator of the entire universe. You can visit Mars, go to other galaxies, distant stars are just a click away. And if you are feeling super adventorous, you can go the the very edge of the universe. It really shows us how small you are in the huge universe.

    You need a pretty good PC to run it, or a good laptop. When I played with it a few months ago is crashed often, so watch out for that. And if you're PC can take it, you can go to planet surfaces, other than our solarsystem, and it looks beautiful.

    I highly reccommend this amazing masterpiece.

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    Getting it right now! Certainly sounds like an amazing little piece of software!

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    I believe I've tried this before and it was magnificent. It just looks so beautiful. I think I'll re download it.

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    I love Space Engine. It's amazing, since this is really all the work of a single Russian man. The gives way to some wonderful wallpapers and backgrounds. It has a few bugs here and there, but it's well worth it to go cruising around space with such high detail the game gives.

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    I found this a while ago. It's beautiful! I do have to lower a lot of settings though.

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    I stick with Alpha testing Star Citizen . Soon to be alpha testing Elite Dangerous. I have tried Space engine which is not bad. But I want to more.

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