Addressing a comment in another forum about my Avatar - It was an Ebay
item that was in auction about 6 years ago. The winning bid NOT MINE went for
$280.xx. Oh how I would have loved to have had this beauty. But it was not
to be - but I did manage to photo it if by chance I could find a seller to
reproduce or replicate it later. It makes for a great avatar representing who
I am and what I like. Imagine wearing this with a triple layer of petticoats
sporting the hem line out like a tutu then a LOCKING diaper cover ruffles and
frills over doubled or tripled bulky diapers. White anklets with pink lacy trim
and jingle bells with black mary janes with heel and toe taps.
Make some noise and get noticed !
My user name BabyLock defines it all - I like to be LOCKED into my clothing - release
is not what I want - I want to savor every moment in my fantasy finest !
I would be the anti-thesis of the song "Please release me - Let me go" !
With my self-contained potty needs satisfied I could go for quite a bit of time
and distance before needing the clean up act in the big girls potty !
Hope everyone here is having a thrilling ride as much as I am.