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Thread: An AB/DL Wiki

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    Post An AB/DL Wiki

    Well, since summer is almost over and I'm trying to keep myself from starting another minecraft project before college starts, I decided to work on an AB/DL Wiki. I went to wikia to start one and it turns out that someone else had already made the wiki, but had made absolutely no contributions to it.

    So, I figured why the hell not make a wiki that contains a gigantic collaboration of information where many AB/DL/IC can find their needs quickly. One of the main things I want to do is to put factial stuff that's been tested on the pages. For example, the Abena's can hold half a gallon of fluids very well and so on.

    The front page isn't very appealing, yet. But I included the link to all content so people can see where to edit very quickly. I can do the templates and coding easily, but what I suck at is adding the content. For example, a description for the company Huggies.

    AB/DL Wiki

    I feel like this is advertising, but really, I'm just helping the community as a whole with this project. I will incorporate things from the article found on this website.

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC! I agree, having an AB/DL wiki is an awesome idea. So awesome, actually, that we started one a while ago:

    We've got a pretty good library of information here on a lot of different topics. This includes some factual info on diaper capacity, for example, and general interest/basic information on the AB/DL communiry.

    Now, this doesn't mean you can't contribute! In fact, if you've got some ideas for good topics to add to our articles, you can suggest them here, and even begin writing one yourself if you want to:

    I'm excited to see your ideas, because I'm sure you've got some great ones! And welcome once again!

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    Well, that makes it much easier to consolidate information into one simplified area. For example, the Abena's being able to absorb up to 2000ml (or 8 cups) of fluids. If people wanted to know more about that particular type of information, they can just check the references.

    I suppose I just have to make a much stronger foundation first, before anybody else can jump right in. Wiki's aren't exactly for everyone. Haha.

    But I do thank you for the welcome message. I probably should have posted in the greetings section before anything else. But nothing like a dramatic entry, right?

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