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Thread: What book(s) are you reading at present?

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    Default What book(s) are you reading at present?

    Seeing as we have a "what TV shows are you watching" and "what games are you playing", I thought a thread about reading might be in order. Currently, I am reading 'Enemies, a history of the FBI' by Tim Wiener, 'The Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of World Order' by Samuel Huntington, and 'Dune' by Frank Herbert.

    So, what are you reading?

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    Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn.

    I already read the first book. I'm a huuuuuge Disney fan though. I have been for as long as I can remember.

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    Lets see right now "the leather stocking tales: last of the Mohicans"

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    I'm on a steampunk kick right now. I've recently finished the "Burton & Swinburne" trilogy by Mark Hodder, and now nearly finished the "Bookman Chronicles" by Lavie Tidhar.

    Steampunk is what happens when goths discover the colour brown. -- Jess Nevins

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    The first three books in Frank Herbert's Dune series are brilliant! I've been rereading a few books. Fight Club, The Host, and the last Harry Potter book.

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    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

    I'm almost done with that one, but I'm a slow reader! Took me a long time.

    Not sure what's next on the agenda.

    EDIT: I have just recently been notified by a certain nameless Dr. Who fan that "2007 called and it wants its book back."
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    I'm currently reading; Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas by Paul Rulof, Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend, and Bikers by Dave Ebert
    and I just finished reading Boundaries in Dating by Cloud and Townsend.

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    Heh =), a kinda cheesy one.

    Night Road from Kristin Hannah (the translated name is way different... funnily = "like flowers in the wind", roughly translated from german.)

    Actually I like it a lot, but as I already said it's a very emotional and touching story... You have to like this stuff or you simply hate it probably.
    Nevertheless it's kind of well written and deeply moving.

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    The book I read from most recently was 'Doctor Who: The Year of Intelligent Tigers' by Kate Orman, it's an Eight Doctor Original Adventure, however my main reading project atm is 'Never Had It So Good: A History of Britain from Suez to the Beatles 1956-1963' by Dominic Sandbrook. It's not that Sandbrook is dull or too heavy - he's as good and as readable everyone says he is - but even before I started spending half my life on the internet I rarely read more than 100-150 pages of a book in any one go.

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