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Thread: Acting like a baby book ?

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    Default Acting like a baby book ?

    Hi, all I was looking on the internet earlier on any possible books on "acting like a baby " and going back to babyhood.I didn't come up with any only something from Wikipedia . I am wondering if there is such a book in exsistance that I can buy online.

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    I don't think there are any How-to books out there. There as been a lot of junk tapes and stuff over the years.

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    Or go you YouTube. Tons of people post pointless videos of their babies/toddlers. Observe the behaviors of those kids, take notes, learn, regress.

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    I can understand wanting ideas, but i would think that you should just kind of do whatever comes to mind. It doesn't seem like there really needs to be a book on the subject. Just be exploratory, spontaneous, uncoordinated, miss-understandable, goofy, shy, loving...the list probably goes for a while. Essentially, i think the first thing you need to be able to do, is not think twice about what you are going to do, if an idea comes to mind of an action, then do it.

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