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Thread: Can past diaper rash remove sensitivity?

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    Question Can past diaper rash remove sensitivity?

    I am just curious about something. If I had really bad diaper rash when I was younger, can it make that area down there less sensitive? Like could your body adapt to it, and setup some barrier? I have never had diaper rash since I started wearing again, and was curious if this was why. I also wanted to know if this is why most diapers never feel as soft as others say they are.

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    I'm not a doctor but I haven't heard of that. I haven't developed a full-blown rash in almost twenty years of diaper adventures but when I did have trouble, it was from being too long in a cloth diaper. Wetness being kept close to the skin rather than pulled away to the diaper's core seems pretty critical to the process. It's not a big deal, it just means I don't hang around as long in a wet cloth diaper as I can with a disposable.

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    I was just curious. I might be over thinking these things. I have a lot of questions I would like to ask, but I normally keep them in my head. I should probably just do a post with all my questions on it.

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    I think that your skin does get a little more resilient, just as constant friction on your hands will cause calluses to form. I don't know that constant exposure to the acidity in urine or feces will cause adaptation, but it is a strange coincidence that I hardly ever get rashes as an adult.

    Putting a barrier between your skin and your waste will reduce rashes too. I like regular A&D ointment, and for the odd occasion when I do get irritation, a zinc oxide cream will usually relieve the pain and clear it up quickly.

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